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Get Energized for the Holidays with The Power of Ananda Mandala

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The state of bliss comes from having a deep connection to yourself, to those around you and to your surrounding environment. This connection is created when you become willing to let your armour down, go deep within and give space to what is waiting to be seen and heard.

We call it getting Blissed Out.

The Ananda Mandala meditation experience develops these essential connections. It accomplishes this by releasing deep-rooted energies that have gotten stuck in our bodies over time. Until these stuck energies are released, they prevent us from making these deep connections.

Let’s get unstuck!

In this workshop, you will be guided through Ananda Mandala, a very powerful breathing meditation. It was developed and practiced at the Oneness University in India. Alana, the facilitator, discovered this meditation during her travels in Bali and knew it was something special that had to be shared. It wasn’t until she facilitated it during her time spent in Italy that she witnessed first-hand the value it added to people’s lives and couldn’t wait to bring it to Toronto. Through the combination of a rhythmic, rapid breathing technique and a concentrated meditation on each of the seven chakras, Ananda Mandala will open your mind to higher states of consciousness and bring forth new insights.

Please note that this is not suitable for pregnant women or people with cardiac/heart conditions.

This intense experience cannot be fully explained through words, only through experiencing it first-hand. Below are people’s personal accounts of the Ananda Mandala experience guided by Alana.




148 Ossington Avenue


Sunday, December 9, 2018