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Holistic Beauty Experience

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An Annual Holistic Beauty Experience taking place in Toronto, Ontario bringing together Canadian holistic brands with the sole focus on well-being, sustainability, skin care, self-care, and self-love.

This event is self-love focused eliminating vanity and competition and judgement. We will be teaching and inspiring each beautiful being in attendance how to take care of themselves, nourish themselves, and to further love and appreciate who they are. Our goal is to empower, uplift, educate, inspire and support each beautiful being with a stronger sense of self-love than before they entered. With a love for sustainability, we plan to keep this event and all events in the future as sustainable as possible by planning ahead and eliminating as much unnecessary waste.

We are excited to have skin care formulators, self-care professionals, self-love experts, key speakers and
general holistic beauty lovers under the same roof to build our very own Holistic Beauty Community. In
addition, the day will be filled with a variety of holistic brands that come with a story and a mission to
help people embrace their natural beauty while feeling their best possible natural selves.


Love Child Social House


69 Bathurst Street
Toronto, Canada


Thursday, May 30, 2019