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About Us

A nod to the beautiful rabbit, the lapin (french),  that symbolizes cruelty-free products, Age of Lapin is dedicated to highlighting companies, events, people and practices that are built on ethos of love, compassion and wellness.


We believe in the power of the universe, the moon, the stars and that the ability to change for the better comes from practices of self-love.


Our Values

We value the earth and all its beings. We are advocates of love, both for others and ourselves, as this is where true harmony begins. All products featured on Age of Lapin are cruelty-free, all recipes are vegan, all clothing brands are eco-conscious.


Our Mission

Our mission is to build a community for the enlightened, or those seeking more information as they kickstart their spiritual or wellness journeys.


Canadian Love

As a Canadian site, we strive to localize our conversation by showcasing Canadian companies, products, people and services as much as possible.



We invite you to our community, with great love and gratitude.


Please be in touch with us and subscribe to our community for firsthand information on special events, new products, charities, and more.