Mindful Beauty: Look Great, Vibe Higher - Bunny Image

So your kale is organic, your chakras are open and free-flowing positive energy. You’re rocking two to three Hatha yoga classes a week and at least one meditation sesh. You’re in alignment and ready to radiate your vibrations into the world with a fresh face. All great stuff.

While we may be killing it in our self-care and self-love practices through our movement and consuming routines, where are we at when it comes to our make up and beauty products? And how can this affect our energy and flow, along with our inner and outer glow?

There’s no doubt that when we take the time to toss away old make up and ancient lotions from our cabinets, we naturally feel lighter. That said, the products we purchase to replace old ones can have a direct affect on our inner vibrations and feelings of self-love and self-care. As we are enter an age of awareness and re-awakening, it’s never been more important re-evaluate old purchasing habits, ensuring that what we are buying to make us beautiful comes from compassion and love.

Simply put, if the products you are purchasing for your beauty and self-care come from a place or company that focuses on humane practices and respect for the earth, for you as a consumer, and for our dear animal friends, you are more able to project and manifest compassion and love, both for yourself, the world we live in and for our companion beings.

And what’s more beautiful than love?

Below are quick ways to get started on your mindful beauty journey.

Is It Cruelty-Free? Like Really? 

Image from Ethical Elephant 

As individuals, it is important that we understand our own purchasing power. There is nothing beautiful about a beauty brand that tests or allows its product to be tested on animals by a third party. As conscious consumers, we must be aware of the fact that global corporate companies may try to work with consumer naivety and use phrases like “Against Animal Testing” or “We Do Not Test on Animals Unless Where Required By Law”, neither phrase means that a company’s product is not tested on animals. Any brand that sells in China, for example, is tested on animals, whether it is by the company directly or not. Companies that choose to sell their products in China know that this is a consequence of that decision.

Our favourite source for knowing which brands are still testing on animals is Cruelty-Free Kitty. The site also makes a ton of great recommendations on good brands that are animal friendly. Always look out for the lovely Cruelty-Free Bunny label and check out this post from Ethical Elephant on the differences between each label.


Is It Even Good For You? 




It’s no secret that companies have been filling beauty products with chemicals and not-so-good-for-us ingredients for years. This is where a company’s respect for their consumers really come into play. A company that is selling you toxic fillers to make a profit does not care about you. By purchasing these products because they are cheaper or better advertised due to high marketing budgets and sexy spokespeople we are allowing large corporations to dictate our self-worth.

Clean beauty has never been more accessible, with more and more companies developing highly effective products without the use of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances or colours, peg ingredients or phenoxyethanol.

Apps like Think Dirty are an excellent tool to get a quick and easy-to-understand reading on your beauty product purchases. Another great site to check out is EWG that offers a straight-forward guide to what’s in your lifestyle products, everything from home cleaners to mascaras. You can also shop at places that have done the homework for you, and offer a curation of the best in clean beauty like Clementine Fields or Well.ca.


The Outside Counts

Making a conscientious move to purchase products sold in sustainable packaging can go a long way. Look for recyclable bottles, boxes and containers. In addition, more and more beauty brands are working with sustainable, natural ingredients, spearheading the green beauty industry. Companies like Detox Market offer the world’s best selection in green beauty, with high-end products that surpass the offerings of your local drugstore both in quality and sustainability.

It’s literally never been a better time to be mindful in your beauty choices. The quality and selection of clean, green beauty brands continues to grow so we can embrace and enhance our natural beauty with loving products.