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Gibbous Moon Phase October 20th – 24th 

The past week or so, you may have felt an internal struggle to focus. You understand intuitively that things are happening, but you may feel as though your actions are not rendering the desired results you are after. The Gibbous moon phase is so important in our process. This is the phase that we turn ourselves over to trust.

The recent days may have been odd, with a range of different elements making themselves known. This moon cycle focuses heavily on the concept of detoxification and cleansing, as well as highlights relationships. People’s true colours may start coming to the surface, presenting you with unexpected challenges, some more serious than others. Has someone else wounded or disrespected you in some way? Open yourself to the hurt, to the process. Move into it, rather than away from it. Allow it to flow through you and purify you. You are cleansing. You are detoxing. With the full moon in Taurus just around the corner, we are coming into a time of excitement and the unknown. You are being challenged to get rid of past versions of yourself and enter a beautiful new phase of growth. Trust the process.

The 8 Moon Phases

Moon Phases - New Moon

New Moon

The new moon is when we set our intentions for the coming moon cycle. We ask ourselves what do I want to achieve during this moon cycle? What is my focus? Our intentions can be career-related, relationship focused or self-directed. However it is important to ensure they are in fact realistic and attainable within the time freame of this moon cycle. Welcome the new moon with celebration and ritual. It is time to renew.

Crescent Moon

With our intentions set, we work to enhance their vibrations within our body. We take the time to breathe and embrace these intentions with love. We visualize clearly how they will play out over the course of the moon cycle. While we may be excited to move forward with our sense of renewal and motivation, we are encouraged to relax into our focus.

Moon Phases Crescent
Moon Phases - First Quarter

First Quarter Moon

During the first quarter moon, we take focused action to support our intentions set during the new moon phase. While the energy around our intention is still building momentum, we are encouraged to invite the outcome of our intention into our lives through discerning action and ritual. This is when the manifestation of your intention truly begins.

Gibbous Moon

The gibbous moon phase is when we are meant to trust. We trust that our intention is coming into formation exactly as it should, whether we can see it happening or not. For many, the gibbous moon phase can challenge our trust. When we do not see immediate results, we get frustrated. Put your faith into the moon and the universe. Understand that what is coming is exactly what we need.

Moon Phases Gibbous
Moon Phases - Full Moon Phase

Full Moon

Now that our bodies and vibrations are in alignment, we are in the right space to move forward with our intention through action. We move ahead and embrace what we need to do in order to see our intentions fulfilled. We release all that does not serve us. With the energy high in this moon phase, we remember that self-care is important and will help ground us as we see can see our intentions coming into fruition, right around the corner.

Disseminating Moon

As our intention comes into fruition exactly as it is meant too, even if it not exactly how we envisioned or thought we wanted,  we embrace with feelings of great gratitude. We give thanks to the moon and the universe for its infinite guidance and direction.

Moon Phases Disseminating
Moon Phases Third Quarter

Third Quarter Moon

Now that we are receiving and inviting abundance into our experience, we understand that it is important to give back to those around us. We support our friends, families and communities through love and our presence.

Balsamic Moon

Now we rest. The balsamic moon phase is critical for our minds, bodies and inner beings. It is important that we take this phase to regroup both mentally and physically. We calm our minds and meditate. We rest our bodies through sleep and acts of self-love.

Moon Phases Balsamic