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Alesia Kazantceva
We all know that working a typical office job and spending 40+ hours a week indoors can have effects on our sense of wellbeing. Add the stresses of a daily work load, along with crouching over a computer while fuelling exhaustion with caffeine and we’re setting our systems up for low vibe living.

We’ve curated a selection of office-friendly items that can easily be incorporated into your day-to-day for workplace wellness.

A Mini USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

We all know that the benefits of having a Himalayan salt lamp in our atmosphere are abundant, however most of us are only getting the goods at home. A Himalayan salt lamp will not only work to improve the air quality and help fight allergies, it’s also an amazing tool for those of us who aren’t getting outside much during our work day. Its soothing light can help bring calmness to a stressful day, increase focus and boost your mood.

This small USB Himalayan Salt Lamp by Earth Luxe (available at Indigo online is the perfect way to boost the vibration around your personal workspace).


Natural Energy Booster 

Forget the mid-afternoon candy run to get you through the day. A large sugar intake will only work to set our systems up for a crash, and can potentially mess with our sleep later. If you’re feeling the need for a nutritional boost, we suggest keeping a box of nomz in your desk. With six natural ingredients or less, these delicious energy bits come in four amazing varieties and are perfect to curb that afternoon junk food craving.


Sip to Restore 

Coffee is a steady workplace crutch for many of us, and often the habit of more than a cup or two can leave us with the jitters, ultimately decreasing our resistance to stress and anxiety. If you are looking for a seriously soothing hot beverage that will uplift and rejuvenate without the jitters, we highly recommend Lee’s Tea Original. The Three Tulsi Blend will ground you quickly, while calming nerves and maintaining energy.


An Essential Oil Roll-On

Certain scents have an amazing capacity for calming and de-stressing, carrying aromatherapeutic qualities that can benefit us highly when we are feeling overwhelmed, nervous, and stressed. That said, scents are tricky in the workplace so we suggest carrying a roll-on like Stress Release from Blends with Benefits for an immediate effect on the body and mind.




A Cactus

Bits of greenery and nature in the workspace can help calm and uplift us so it’s always recommended to have at least one desk plant. And while any type of plant will do the trick, we tend to favour the cactus in the workplace based on its spiritual symbolism. The cactus can thrive in difficult conditions, which can help inspire us to carry on with grace, as we face daily stresses and challenges.

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Small changes can go a long way when it comes to increasing your well-being and making sure we are well in all the places we are spending our time is important. Along with these products, simple techniques like making yourself go for a small walk outdoors or eating your lunch in a space away from your desk can do wonders. Take care of yourself in all the places you are.