Money tree plant on window ledge

Feature Image by Scott Webb

Quick Facts: 

The money tree, Guiana Chestnut, is one of the most prosperous plants in the kingdom. It can be found in swampy conditions and they love the humidity. Their home bases of Central and South Africa are what give them a love for the heat. It has a braided stem that leaves you mesmerized with bold green leaves. While it improves your air quality, they also attract good vibes towards you.

Spirituality and Symbolism 

The money tree represents good luck and fortunes to whoever has it. It also brings positive energy that’s why it’s good for stress, anxiety and sleep. When it’s being given as a gift, those vibes are even higher and both people involved will benefit. Depending on the person, each unique trait of the plant can mean something different. Whether it be the number of leaves on steam or the height, it’s a token.