Each and every one of us walks through life with Guardian Angels. Our angels answer questions while protecting and guiding us, using signs and signals. Angels are such pure, light and high vibrational beings, that the physical world can’t actually connect with them until we raise our own vibrations and consciously invite them in. Once this doorway opens, it’s possible that we can start experiencing phenomena like the frequent appearance of angel numbers, the most typical way our angels connect with us.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are recurring number sequences that appear in our day to day life whether that be on an ad, license plate, clock or anywhere else you could possibly see a number. Angel numbers can even come through via popular social media platforms, like Instagram. These numbers usually come up in single or triple digits.  When you see triples, be prepared for a major change.

Have you ever had a scenario like this?

You get a call with the middle digits 444, then a couple days later you walk past house number 444, which seems like a coincidence. A little later your vegan snack rings up to $4.44 at the register and you’re start thinking something’s up. Well those spidey senses aren’t wrong. That’s your angel speaking to you.

What Does it Mean When I See Angel Numbers?

So Angel numbers aren’t your average 1,2,3’s. Each time you come across an angel number, it’s carrying a powerful meaning and message brought to you by your angels from the Divine Creator, Spirit or whoever your god of choice is. Experiencing our the presence of our angels is more than just a “hey” from the heavens/. They connect with us because they’re bringing us an important message we need to know. Usually, this message comes from a place of love and positivity. These messages could be a reminder to stop and allow the natural changes that are happening or perhaps that you are in need of a reminder that the universe, does in fact, have your back. Often times, our Angels are speaking to us when we are subconsciously seeking answers. The numbers we see have been uniquely placed for you to see and to receive at that exact moment.

What Do I Do When I See My Angel Numbers?

If you see these numbers take this chance to open yourself up and connect with your Guardian Angel. Most importantly, you need to do your research to find out what those numbers mean to figure out what the message is that your angel is trying to send you. When Angel numbers come up, it means there’s a strong spiritual presence, so take advantage of this opportunity to connect with a higher being to gain clarity, strength and guidance. Meditation, self-care, and resting practices are an excellent way to open up to receive further guidance.

I Don’t See My Angel Numbers Anymore

When you stop seeing your Angel numbers, it’s likely because you’ve gotten the message that your angel wanted you to know. So don’t fret or feel like you’ve lost the chance to experience your Angel. Your Angel is still there. Express gratitude that your Angel made itself visible to you as a reminder that you have support, love and the strength you need for whatever challenges may lie ahead.