Full Moon: February 9-11

Keywords: Strength, motivation, courage, instincts, energy, confidence

This Is A Good Thing

While it may feel as though 2020 has already been the longest year ever, the February full moon will bring a much welcomed shift both internally and into our outer experiences. January was heavy, right? It seems as though we all entered into the new year with incredible optimism and were ready to go full speed ahead, only to be burnt out by the end of the month. It makes sense. Even when we are not personally affected by world traumas, political plays and emergencies, we all feel the shifts and hardships of the collective consciousness on a subconscious level. And January really set the tone of what we need to put into perspective of our own lives – family, health, care, friends and life experiences.

Let The Sun Shine

With the full moon in the fire sign of Leo, we are open to embrace the confidence, strength and power of the lion to see us through the rest of the month. We are called to embrace the higher vibrations of this full moon by aligning with our own inner powers, paying close attention to what motivates us and what empowers us. You will find it easy to identify and access things, people and experiences that bring you joy. Over the full moon, listen to how your body and emotions respond to external stimuli and experiences. These responses are your inner being’s way of letting you know what to chase more of in 2020. In turn, listen to your soul when it sends clear messages. If something is not sitting right – at home, in a relationship, in your professional life – it’s a clear indication that something needs to change. Let the Leo fire illuminate that need and embrace the strength of the lion to make that change.

Embrace Closure and Strength. 

If there has been something in the works for the past few months, expect this full moon to start to initiate closure around these matters. No matter how the cards may fall, the Leo full moon will lend strength to push through and provide the motivation and courage to embrace new journeys. Take this full moon as a new start to the year. While the January full moon brought intense emotions, jarring changes and needs for strong communication, the February full moon will bring closure, strength and a little bit of peace to help us gracefully embrace the abundance on its way.