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Full Moon: January 10-12

Keywords: Lunar eclipse, eclipse season, heart chakra, clear communication, emotional energy, liberation, setting the stage, expression, family dynamics, authoritarian, strength, protection

There’s a lot of astrological factors at play during this full moon. So many, in fact, that we can’t tackle them all. So we’re just going to focus on the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer. ¬†For more information about all the other things happening this full moon we suggest checking out Astrology King and Forever Conscious.

What Do You Know About Crabs?

Seriously though? Are you a Cancer or are you close to one? Because if so, you know that Cancer life can get a bit watery, emotional and sensitive. Cancers have a lot of feelings and in 2019, they missed out on having a full moon in their sign to help align their souls and shake up their heart chakras. You see, all zodiac signs get their own full moon each year. Ancients believed that when the full moon fell in your sign, your soul had the opportunity to align with the astrological flow of the universe. You could essentially make your peace with what’s what, release the bad and shift more easily into the good. The collective consciousness also taps into the energies and characteristics of the particular astrological sign that the full moon is in.

So because Cancer missed out on their own full moon in 2019, that Cancer energy in all of us has been building up, needing some direction and looking for release and illumination. And not only will the first full moon of 2020 be in the sign of Cancer, it will also be a lunar eclipse. This lunar eclipse, combined with the solar eclipse of December 26 leads us into an eclipse phase that will show its effects through to June, 2020.

Okaaayyyy, So What’s That Mean?

Essentially, whatever happens or comes to light under this full moon will shape the first half of 2020. This is a highly energetically charged time, one in which we can actively set the tone for the next six months of this new decade. And while Cancers can get a bad rap for being super watery and emotional, Cancers are ruled by their heart chakras, so you will have a supercharged and super clear pathway to your inner being and the true desires of your own heart over the next few days. Sitting with yourself, you will be able to hear more clearly exactly what you want for your life over the next six months.

This Is The Time, This Is The Hour

Under this full moon, we will all be inspired by the essence of the crab. If you have noticed around you that others are shape shifting in interesting ways (finding new jobs, transitioning into new roles, itching to make drastic moves), you aren’t alone. Cancers, represented by the crab, are homebodies for sure, but once they grow out of their home, they have no trouble scurrying along the beach to a new one. So if you are feeling the need to move out of your old routines and roles, this is the time. We are reaching a point in humanity where there is no looking back in so many ways. The devastating state of our planet currently is so tragic and we will feel this in our hearts under the full moon. For many of us, looking back is not an option. We must forge forward and find new homes, new places to be and new experiences to fulfill us.

Let It Go

Seriously. If there is anything from the past decade that you are hanging on to – past resentments, old goals that need reshaping, bad habits – now is the time to drop it. We will be fully supported under this full moon when we make clear intentions to shed anything that no longer serves us. While this is a recurring practice under full moons, the lunar eclipse bringing in a new decade will amplify the monumental support you will get to back this up. Give yourself time to lean into the shadow side of your soul and uncover what’s there that you don’t want to bring with you into the next decade. You don’t have to.


Finally, this is an excellent full moon for communication. Communicate with your heart and soul and speak your truth. Be honest with yourself, and those who depend on you. If you have something to let out, the full moon will help ensure your communication is supported with your intention.