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New Moon Cycle: May 4th-June 2nd

New Moon: May 4th-7th

Keywords: Peace, Quiet, Reflection, Meditation, Absorption, Nurture Health Habits, Embrace the Flow, Faith, Ignite Creativity……

The keywords for this new moon are overflowing, as are the possibilities for finding alignment and tapping into yourself this month. This past winter has been harsh for many, as we are reaching what appears to be yet another breaking point both environmentally, politically and within our social constraints. The atmosphere is suffering, our brothers and sisters are facing floods that are literally washing away their lives and many may find that while their own personal challenges are not manifesting themselves with such devastation, it is impossible not to lend our own energy to these situations through empathy. The weather is grey and has been for months and months. Just when we are ready for sun, it snows.

Embrace Reflection and Ignite Gratitude

In our journeys towards spiritual enlightenment and personal wellness, it is important that we do not lose sight of how those who are not as fortunate as us are fairing as they are forced and born into situations of devastation and suffering. And while this is not to discount our own feelings of misfortune or our own personal life challenges, it does work to put our life into perspective. If you stepped out of bed this morning and into a hot shower, you are blessed in ways that so many are not. If you brushed your teeth with fresh water this morning, count your fortunes. Your smile and face has been nurtured and prepped to face the day with clean water and cleansers. You had the option to dress yourself in clothes for the occasions of your day and you have a home to return to this evening.

This new moon in Taurus calls us to reflect on the past few months and express gratitude for our journey. Observe your growth. Where were you exactly this time last year, mentally, emotionally, creatively and from a health perspective. With this new moon, we are invited to go dark and explore our journey to date with gratitude and honour. Be thankful for the mistakes, the opportunities for learning, the ups and the downs, the times of joy and the path ahead. Honour where you were and where you presently are.

Flow Towards Nurture and Nature

The universe’s pull is strong and if we are observant, we will easily recognize the signs we are sent. With this new moon, embrace the practice of flowing. When we flow with the universe, we do not over analyze and criticize when situations are sent our way, but we move into them and join in for the ride. The universe knows exactly where you need to be so don’t resist. For example, you receive an opportunity to try a new fitness class. Observe how your mind response to this opportunity; is your initial instinct to say “No, I could never do that, there is no way I could keep up with the class, what if I look silly, what if I can’t follow along, and it’s a bit pricey isn’t it?” Whoa! Stop that train of thought immediately! Embrace the opportunity that has come up as a fun challenge that could turn you on to something new, or simply end up being a great way to spend some time, burning through old energy and opening yourself up for new.

In that same stead, if you are finding a call to find moments of peace and self-nurture, this is a great month for that. May is slow as winter works to shake off its heavy layers so don’t feel remiss if you find yourself needing a little extra time to wake up, get going and move to action. Stop and smell the roses as they say. You have the time.

In Short, Listen to Your Spirit

Go dark this new moon, spend time with yourself and find ways nurture your spirit and your health. Reflect and honour your journey, and spend time on deciding where you want to be next. Embrace gratitude for your blessings because they are plentiful.