Mermaid with clouds around her looking into the universe at planets.

We’re going to be seeing some big shifts this Picese season, a little sooner than we had expected. The universe has some stuff up its sleeve we’ve been waiting to uncover. 

The Mermaid 

Pisces can sometimes be known as mermaids. Living a beautiful life but still wonder if there’s something more. What’s beyond the shoreline? Though they’re known to be daydreamers, they’re also a water sign so they’re super in tune with the emotions of those around them and aren’t afraid to show their own feelings. Being represented by two fish, we can expect to feel some angelic presence.  

Checking Off Goals

With great daydreaming comes great responsibility. Take charge on those actions you’ve been questioning about doing. Are decisions bigger than you would have thought you were dealing with at the time, maybe yes? But that means you’re pushing yourself to open up to your full potential. Change can be scary but at the end of the day, you’re in charge of your life so if the choice you make doesn’t end up feeling like the right one, decide what you can do for yourself to make it better. Keep that in mind when making those decisions. Think about those goals you’ve always had in mind for the future. How are you going to get there? Think strategically! Do what’s best for you. 


On March 2nd, we welcomed the New Moon in Pisces and it just so happened to fall on a two, a number we’ve been seeing a lot of this year. We’ll be feeling its energy throughout the week so make time for those intentions for the coming moon cycle. Pieces ruling planet is Neptune which gives us confident energy to determine what dream makes sense to turn into reality and which ones are worth keeping in the fantasy pile, to have the most success you can. The full moon in Virgo lands on March 18th just two days before the Spring Equinox on the 20th. Virgo’s keep a broad perspective on things, which can help with some of those decisions we’ve been leaning towards. 

With lots to look forward to, don’t forget to keep dreaming big.