Is there anything more relaxing than blissfully falling into a hammock? Turns out that, actually, there isn’t. Not only are hammocks amazing places to read, listen to music, nap or just chill, they have also been proven to be optimal places to sleep, can help reduce insomnia and decrease stress. With summer here, we thought we’d give you the Wellness 101 on hammocks. 

While you can get creative with where you set up your hammock, there are obviously major benefits to setting it up outside. Outdoor hammocks are a beautiful way to take in warmer days, while benefiting from the riches of Mother Nature. Simply being outdoors will aid in stress reduction and enhance a sense of relaxation.

5 Wellness Benefits of Hammocks:

  1. Better Sleep: Hammocks have been proven to offer a premium set up for a sublime snooze. Hammocks put your body in the precise optimal position for sleeping with the head elevated by 10-30% over the body. They also have zero pressure points and mold perfectly to your body so you can fall into a deep rest.
  2. Improves Blood Circulation: When your upper body is elevated, blood is able to circulate better to your head and will reduce congestion, as well as improve blood circulation in general, ultimately helping to lower blood pressure as well as reduce toxin build up.
  3. Eases Sore Muscles: Hammocks have zero pressure points, making them an optimal place to rest for healing sore muscles.
  4. Improved Focus: The swaying motion of a hammock is known to trigger the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This combined with the benefits of improved sleep will sharpen mental clarity and improve focus.
  5. Stress Reduction: Hammocks have been proven to help the body relax quicker (due to the zero pressure points and the natural molding to your body) while releasing harmful and excess stresses from the physical body, thereby allowing the mind to ease faster.

If you’re looking to invest in a hammock this summer, below are some Canadian-made ones that we discovered, perfect for indoor and outdoor rest.