While we usually associate winter with dry skin, chapped lips and hair that turns dry, would you believe us if we told you those days are over? Keeping up with your skincare regimen in the wintertime is crucial, but its important to remember to use brands and products that offer the nourishing benefits of soothing ingredients, as opposed to those that can potentially tear even more moisture from your skin. In addition to proper skin care, doing things like taking quicker and less hot showers plus drinking water can help keep your skin looking and feeling hydrated, as well. 

We’ve come up with a list of some must-haves to add into your beauty shelf this winter to make sure your skin is radiant even on the chilliest days. Here are some of our favourites:

HydrExtreme from Consonant Skincare 

This non-greasy powerhouse serum boosts your skin’s natural glow beyond belief and is made with two simple ingredients: Cassia Angustifolia Seed Polysaccharide and Organic Vegetable Glycerin. It’s suitable for all skin types, which includes oily and eczema, and is key to making sure your skin is properly hydrated AM and PM. 

Image from Consonant Skincare Instagram 


Coconut Lip Balm from Crate 61 Organics Inc.

Bring back the delicious smell of warm weather while protecting your lips from the cold, with this in this nourishing and moisturizing naturally coconut scented lip balm. Made with sweet almond, coconut, jojoba oils and more that leave your lips feeling continuously smooth. Keep one in your pocket to always be prepared! 

Image from Crate 61 Organics Inc. Instagram


SRSLY Buffed Dry Brush & Velvet Blonde Emollient Body Oil from 1’Lux Beauty

This is a power couple won’t ever make you feel left out. Enhance lotion absorption, remove dead skin and increase circulation with your new B(u)FF. Rub the Agave sisalana fibers on your dry body for maximum exfoliation while you watch your skin go from dull to delightful in a few simple strokes. Follow with their luxurious body oil to wrap your skin up in never-ending smoothness and a luxurious smell. 

Image from 1’Lux Beauty Instagram 


The Soft Serve Cream Rinse Conditioner from Cake Beauty

Let your hair shimmer like the snow all winter with this creamy conditioner that contains dirt-repelling ingredients to make sure your hair stays moisturized between washed. This means having to wash your hair less which let’s it stay more hydrated. It’s topped off with a scrumptious lemon cookie smell. Pair it with their The Posh Wash for maximum benefits.

Image from Cake Beauty Instagram


Herbal Hand Balm from BKIND Skincare

This protects your delicate skin with tissue healing ingredients and lifts your senses with the warm natural scent of pine, fire, cedar wood and more. It’s an extremely hydrating hand cream that’s ideal for protecting your hands from the constant exposure they get to the cold air and is perfect for brining with you.

Image from BKIND Instagram