Image by Kym MacKinnon

New Moon: November 26-29

Moon Cycle: November 26-December 24

Keywords: Release, ease, new beginning, start again, healing, reflection, honour, success, opportunities for abundance

The new moon in Sagittarius comes with a sweet sense of relief. If you felt that the past moon cycle which started in Scorpio on October 27th was a challenging time, full of inner conflict, tense emotions, unexpected changes, you can find comfort in this new moon cycle that falls in the wisdom-filled and healing vibrations of Sagittarius. With such a turbulent moon cycle (which included Mercury Retrograde to boot) behind us, it is a wonderful time in this new moon phase to rest in the dark and reflect upon the intentions you set, what manifested and what can be learned before you move into the final complete moon cycle of 2019.

Embrace Intuition, Breathe Through Change

While this new moon in Sagittarius brings a healing energy with it, we will be wise not to get too comfortable. Last moon cycle brought with it a feeling of disruption, a vibe of tension, fear of change and an array of challenges. Things were manifesting for us behind the scenes and many of us were confronted with the feeling of working so hard while waiting for results that never come. Understand that much of what happens to help direct our lives occurs behind the scenes and out of sight. So while we may be feeling as though nothing is coming to fruition, this new moon cycle may challenge that belief and bring swift change that could inspire feelings of fear or even a disbelief in our abilities to act as we must. Remember that we are all experiencing the same new moon and that others are feeling the same pressures and fears of rapid change. This can cause an atmosphere of irritability, anger and reaction.

If you find yourself in the midst of a tumultuous cycle, embrace the inherent wisdom of the centaur, the half-man, half-horse. Present in the human consciousness for centuries, the symbolic centaur can lend us a healing and wise energy while we decide where to aim our arrow next. Take time to find your breath. Moments of meditation and silence are when we are best able to tap into our intuition. Let your intuition comfort and guide you so that you can enjoy the ride.

Abundance On Tap

In spite of the tensions, there is opportunity to find the abundance you have been striving towards with this new moon. In fact, expect opportunities to present themselves to you and ensure you recognize them for what they truly are. Remain open and flexible and you will be in a better position to make the most of any situation that presents itself to you, finally generating the health, happiness and abundance you have been working towards. There is still plenty of time to ensure 2019 ends in your favour so manage any unexpected changes with grace and gratitude. They could be just the change you needed.