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Crystal Zoom Calls With The Dream Den Choosing your crystal experience should be as beneficial as having them in your life. Linsday, at the Dream Den, is doing exactly that. This past year, she introduced Crystal Zoom Calls, a personalized approach to online stone buying. This all-inclusive experience is a one-on-one session that lets individuals work directly with the Dream Den to choose which crystals are right for them based on how they feel when they see it. After setting your personal budget, Lindsay takes you through the entire collection, which is beyond stunning and puts aside the crystals you’re drawn to throughout the display. You then get taken to your collected table of stones and eliminate the ones you have any doubts about. To wrap up your call you get a thorough description of your crystals from Lindsay and she helps guide you in the right direction. The entire experience from start to finish is both magical and relaxing and leaves you feeling like you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. Local pick-up in Toronto is available at Dream Den shop as well as international shipping!

We were lucky enough to check out the Dream Den after our Crystal Zoom Call and chat with Linsday. Continue reading for a Q & A with the crystal healer herself.

Linsday | Image from The Dream Den’s Instagram

Q: How did you get into the space of crystals?

A: Oh my gosh that was completely just like my Birthright. So my grandmother’s father was a jeweler and had a shop and worked with crystals and taught everything to my grandma. Then my grandma opened up a shop and we grew up in that and just around crystals and around jewelry-making like I was jewelry-making when I was like 5, we were always just having it around. And then my uncle took it over which is what he does now and then I sort of started doing it. So it happened organically like, I’ve just been around it forever. They have amazing connections and they’ve really helped me develop this, amazing connection to the stones. And this is just so much a part of me. Q: Definitely feel like family is a big influence. A: Huge. Oh my gosh. And they were just so supportive and just so, you know, helped me along the way, so much. And I’d do wall hangings with crystals weaved into them, and they were giving me the beads for just everything, like the crystal beads and everything. So yeah, I just was so influenced by them and I’m just also so spiritual. I do jewelry-making as well and that’s their influence and they focus a lot on precious stones and jewelry making. And I guess like where I differ and their spiritual but I’m very spiritual and I truly have known from experience, how much the crystals have brought to my life and how they’ve helped me so much through so many different stages of my life. In terms of like, figuring out who I am, what I wanted to do, helping me to manifest, helping me to stay positive like all these different things. And so it’s so important for me to share that with others just because I know how powerful they can be and it just means everything to me.

Q: Tell us a bit about your crystal zoom calls.

A: Yes! So, this is something that just came to me. I feel that choosing crystals is such a sacred personal experience. I was seeing a lot of these things pop up with lives and online websites and it felt like the opposite of the energy that’s appropriate for actually selecting crystals. There are all these people that are kind of fighting over crystals or you have to claim it first and there’s so much adrenaline. There’s so much going on and most people that are attracted to crystals are so sensitive to other people’s energy. So I felt like, it needs to be one-on-one so that you don’t have distractions. You need to have time to settle into your body and you need guidance. I feel like the biggest thing that I felt people were experiencing was that oh my gosh, there are so many crystals, where do I start? But at the same time, a lot of people were finally kind of waking up and wanting to tap into their spirituality. They were figuring out who they were, work on some of these issues that the business of pre-covid just prevented people from looking at and a lot of people started collecting at the start of covid. And so a lot of people were looking for guidance and a mentor. So I thought there’s no way I can strictly take this out to people and not individualize anything, but I believe you need to connect and you need a guide. And so I said, okay, maybe I can just try doing a video call with someone so I can show them everything because not everyone can come in and can help guide them. So I’ve just been kind of teaching people how to tune into their body and really listen and try to understand which specific crystals are calling them. It just sort of just happened really organically. It wasn’t planned, I wasn’t thinking this is my strategy, it is very responsive to the times at the moment and what kind of what needed to happen.

Q: A lot of important things have come up from strategies dealing with Covid.

A: Huge, sweeping changes. it’s only through deep struggle that we actually appreciate what we had and find our true selves. We have to go to the lowest places just to be able to go to the higher places. The struggle is a gift and it can be framed as a gift. And there’s a lot of crystals even like Malachite for instance. And if you’re ready for it, it’s really good to work with it because it can send your life into upheaval. It will be like a crazy detox and it will look like your life is falling apart. You’ll think, this crystal is the worst thing ever like why did I bring this into my life? But what it does is it eliminates the things that need to be detoxed, things are not helping you so that you can make way for those amazing things to come in. Even Obsidian, it’s a lot about shadow work. They’re going to bring up things that are difficult to look at in yourself but they need to be healed so that you can become fully integrated and one.

Malachite | Image from The Dream Den’s Instagram

Q: You’re surrounded by so many crystals, is there one or a few that you’re drawn to?

A: Yes! Okay, Pink Amethyst is a really big one for me. I absolutely love it because it’s such a high vibrational heart chakra crystal but it also helps engage the crown and the third eye. Even in conversation, if you’re feeling heated or upset or you’re having difficulty with relationships, as opposed to just reacting or just feeling from the heart, it helps you to think, how do I want to respond? And then Caribbean Calcite, I love the energy. It’s all about that ocean energy that surrenders, just accepting what is coming your way and trusting that you’re on your Life Path and relinquishing that need to control everything. Celestite, love. Just that Angelic, calming incredible feeling, it’s so good for sleep and Angel Aura. I truly feel that you will connect so much more deeply with your angle guides if you work with this stone. You’ll see so many angel numbers, you’ll get dreams, the lights will flicker, you’ll feel them here. Kunzite is that nurturing, mama energy, the woman’s stone saying let’s heal your heart, that big hug, that femininity. I just love it.

Q: Do you have a motto?

A: Definitely! Always trust your intuition, always trust your body. A lot of people will say I read this crystal is good for this, I need it. And they’ll choose based on that. Whereas there’s so much going on in us, that we’re not even conscious of. You may be dealing with something that you’re not even ready to look at, but your body will be able to sense it. Your body will be attracted to the certain crystals that will do that. So there’s a difference between reading a crystal is good for focus, like Fluorite and going to get it and I’m going to trust my body and what I’m attracted to because there’s going to be a reason and I don’t fully understand it, but I know it’s real and there’s an intelligence that’s beyond me and beyond my mind Q: What’s your zodiac sign? A: I’m an Aries. I’m a Scorpio Moon and a Libra Rising.

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Celestite, Charoite & Pink Amethyst | Images from The Dream Den’s Instagram