Lion roaring at two blue moons with a red and orange cloudy sky in the background.

Full Moons: July 23rd & August 22nd 

Keywords: fierce, independent, confident, resilient, power, putting in work, celebrations, owning yourself

Things are heating up over the next month with Leo season coming in full force, which is very on-brand. We can expect to feel super confident about ourselves this season and we will own every minute of it. Naturally, this fire sign is a leader, so be ready to take full control of your life and be prepared to give direction to others. It’s time to focus your efforts on getting work done, celebrating your successes and looking forward not back. From July 22nd, when the sets, to August 22nd, we’re being heavily influenced by the sun, which Leo is ruled by, so you can expect things to be heating up.  

Goodbye Waves, Hello Sand

Looking back on Cancer season, we faced some heavy emotions so now that we experienced the water, it’s time to dry off. The transition between Cancer and Leo is super impactful because we’re used to constantly expressing and having deep conversations with the crab sign, but the lions don’t have time for that because they’d rather be celebrating. We’re coming to terms with new goals for ourselves rather than focusing on relationships and not at all in a selfish way. Last season we spent a lot of time caring for others and putting them first so now it’s our turn to embrace pampering. The all-mighty Leo isn’t represented by the Lion for no reason, they’re strong and respected and they’ve earned their roles. You may find yourself looking inwards more than outwards this season, which is a perfect time to self-reflect. 

Aquarius Moon Times Two

Leo season officially starts July 22nd, when the sun leaves cancer and lasts until August 22nd. During this time we’re going to reclaim the confidence that we’ve been working on to glow the brightest that we have all summer. There will be two Aquarius full moons, one to kick off the season on July 23rd (Buck Moon) and one to finish us off on August 22nd (Blue Moon) just after midnight. We’re also going to experience a New Moon on August 8th, which is the ideal time to set intentions, so be specific, like what do you want to accomplish for the rest of the summer? With Aquarius in the picture, it will give us an independent way of thinking while adding fuel to the powerful Leo energy. As an air sign, Aquarius is naturally creative so mixed in with an already energetic fire sign, we’re in for some fun. 

The Spotlight is on You 

The next month you’re the main character of your favourite Netflix series and you’re going to love it. Take in your accomplishments because you’re a bad-ass that’s been working hard, which is why it’s now time to celebrate. As we transition from water to fire we’ll feel a deep building of self-confidence which is exactly what we need for the rest of the long hot summer ahead. The three words: strong, bold and fierce can be some perfect mantra words to use over this upcoming Leo season while we take the time to own who we are. Write them on your mirror, use them as journal prompts or just constantly repeat them to yourself. If you’re deciding what jewelry to wear this season, gold is Leo’s metal, making it the perfect accessory option to vibe higher.

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