Keywords: Master Healer, Alignment, Heightened Energy 

Chakras: All Seven

While there are a range of different quartz types, clear quartz is one of the most frequent crystals you’re likely to see around. Although colourful crystals are always intriguing and appealing, even the most avid user of crystals will find themselves drawn to the clarity and clairvoyance of a clear quartz on occasion. 

Not only does clear quartz work well to enhance our own sense of clarity while stabilizing our frequencies and amplifying our connection to Source, it also works as an amplifier for other crystals in your collection, complementing and extending their strengths. It’s perfect to keep with you for any stage or challenge in your life because clear quartz always has your back. Even a small clear quartz crystal can bring big benefits. 

While quartz is generally considered to assist with the opening of our crown chakras for higher spiritual connectivity, it is also considered the “master healer” of the crystal world because of how powerfully it can connect to all of our chakras, helping to align and strengthen them. Clear quartz comes with properties that heighten our energies, making it a great stone for meditation, goal setting and journaling. Plus, pure like its colour, this crystal has the tools to help fight anxiety, aches and tension. So, if you find yourself looking up multiple symptoms or are in the need for a little mind, body and soul boost, it’s time for clear quartz! 

Here are some great ways to incorporate clear quartz into your daily rituals: