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New Moon: January 24-27

Moon Cycle: January 24-February 22

Keywords: Change, mood swings, emotions, opportunity for success, reflect on old behaviours and beliefs, emotional perspective

Change Is Nigh 

The first new moon of 2020 will not be without its challenges. Uranus which is ruled by Aquarius will be in tense alignment with the sun, creating stronger affects of the new moon that are sure to set off in some people periods of anxiety and emotional upheaval, with the potential for abrupt changes that can jolt us out of our comfort zones.

If there has been something you have been expecting and anticipating – news, a promotion, an opportunity, etc. – there is an opportunity that this new moon could unveil a new perspective on the situation for you. Our emotions will be trying to speak to us and this is a very good time to allow them to come up and flow through. If something you have been longing for does not seem as though it will turn out exactly as expected, it will be critical to not get carried away by your initial attachment to the outcome. In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised with the way things end up turning out. Allow that to come through. Changes happen externally and we need to be able to change our points of view internally to find the abundance and lessons in each and every situation.

Be Open – Mind, Body, Soul and Heart

Because the possibility for change is extremely high with this new moon, we will do well to remain open in every aspect. Remain open in how the changes can affect you and your life for the better, remain open to how others may be feeling the affects of the new moon and to the fact that their reactions do not reflect anything about you. Keep your heart open to how others are experiencing their own challenges and changes during this time. You do not have to absorb anyone else’s negative energy, but ensure to acknowledge and honour the journey’s of others. Be kind, be understanding and send out love to anyone you think may be struggling.

If you change finds you off guard this new moon, keep an open mind about what is happening around you and the situations you find yourself in. Get ready to think on your toes and embrace flexibility. In a phrase – go with the flow. You may enjoy the ride and be pleased with where you end up.

Community and Love

With the new moon in the sign of Aquarius, it is a time to think about how we can lend our strengths and voices to our community and the collective. With so many parts of the world facing great tragedy, it can be overwhelming and cause many to think that we our powerless. It isn’t true. Find time this new moon to extend love to your community. Every action of love and kindness you do contributes to the collective consciousness. Your light will expand further than you know.