Typically associated with luck and opportunity, the power of jade actually runs a little deeper due to its strong connectivity to our heart chakra. Jade’s ability to open our hearts and clear our energies of negative mentalities such as “I can’t” or “what’s the point” can result in the motivation we may be lacking to source our purpose and attain our dreams.

Jade is an excellent stone for when you are suffering a bout of low energy, depression and lack of insight into your next move or your overall purpose. It has been recognized as the perfect crystal to boost one out of an existential crisis, thereby proving it’s not so much a lucky charm, so much as it is one that can open our minds and hearts to achieve and manifest what was already within our path to attain.

If you are in search for inner truth or a general jumpstart, use jade in your meditation for clarity and guidance. Nourish your inner being by placing jade close to your heart centre to amplify its effects.

Jade’s green colour is reflective of vegetation, growth and life so is viewed as a symbol of vitality and longevity. As such it is often seen in anti-aging practices such as the popular jade roller for facial massage.

The jade crystal is a wonderful stone for re-igniting your inner fire, opening your heart to love and the possibility for beautiful abundance.

Below are some beautiful ways to incorporate jade into your life: