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Manuel Meurisse
*Canadian Proud: All products in this post are from amazing Canadian companies we love!

In honour of Earth Day on April 22nd, we thought it would be timely to chat about the benefits of soy candles over paraffin candles and of course, offer a round up of some of the best Canadian soy-based candles available. Health and lifestyle pros are in the know; when it comes to candles, soy is in and paraffin is out. While the term “Soy Candles” may seem like a buzzy concept, if you are a frequent candle user it’s important to understand why a soy candle is significantly a better choice over a paraffin-based candle.

Quick Things To Know: 

Natural vs. Non-Natural

Soy candles come from soybeans which are a natural, renewable source whereas paraffin candles are made from petroleum. Petroleum is a non-renewable source and has been recognized as containing carcinogenic substances. Soy candles do not require chemical fragrances to scent them. When checking labels, it’s important to look for candles that are 100% natural, as some manufacturers will claim to be soy-based but will also have non-natural additives and artificial, chemical-based scents. Soy candles can be scented using natural methods, such as essential oils.

A Clean Burn

If you’ve ever seen black soot in your candle holders, you can be certain it wasn’t a 100% natural candle. If the black soot is in your candle holder, one can only wonder what has been distributed into your home and breathing air during the burning process. A soy candle is non-toxic and will offer a clean burn, ensuring the only thing you are breathing in is the relaxing and soothing vibes your candle was meant to give off.

Soy Burns Longer

While a soy candle may cost a bit more, rest assured that you will get up to 50% more life out of this purchase than you would a cheaper, paraffin candle. This is because soybean-based wax has a cooler burning temperature than paraffin.

Benefits of Natural Scents

Soy can hold onto the scents drawn from essential oils better than their non-natural candle counter parts, meaning that you can truly embrace the a soy-based candle for its natural aromatherapy qualities. For lovers of essential oils and believers in their benefits, soy candles are another great way to take in the pleasures of scent.

Below is a quick look at some of our favourite Soy Candles from Canadian companies