Amethyst: A Powerful Peace of Violet Blog Image

A Brief History

Recognized for its violet beauty and spiritually guiding powers; Amethyst is known to be a calming and meditative stone that brings in a balanced peace. Zambia, Brazil, Uruguay and the U.S are the most frequent places Amethyst is mined.

Linked to the Crown Chakra, these crystals hold power to minimize negativity while at the same time radiating positivity. Amethyst’s serenity enhances higher states of consciousness and meditation; which can help align and unblock chakras for those who are on their path to enlightenment. Use its energy of contentment to soothe the conscious mind and relax after a long stressful day.

Daily Application

In the Workplace

Amethyst’s healing energy is especially useful for work-related stress. Since it is linked with communication, intuition and The Crown Chakra; it’s believed to have the power of increasing work effectiveness. Amethyst in the office facilitates not only the decision-making process but also brings in common sense and spiritual insights into practice.

In The Home

Amethyst in the living room can help grow families bond together and create positive, open communication with them.  Placing an amethyst somewhere in the bathroom is another way to relieve stress during a soothing bath.


In a room with calm energy and soft lighting, you can use an amethyst cluster or an amethyst point to send energy and intentions into the universe. Place the amethyst in the palm of your hand, and breathe in the violet energy of amethyst. Before finishing take one last breath and slowly open your eyes as you breathe out.

Below are easy ways to incorporate Amethyst into your daily life: