Formally known as Tillandsia, air plants are used in spaces around the world to create atmospheres that inspire a clear mind and leverage “decor with benefits”. Since they don’t use soil to grow, they’re super fun (aka easy) to take care of, making them a key item to add to your plant collection. Or the only item, if you don’t have much luck taking care of plants. You can find them at your local plant market in a range of different sizes from super tiny to wine-bottle size. Air plants are the perfect way to add greenery to your home, office or even your desk while minimizing commitment. 

Benefits of Air Plants 

  • Stress Relief: just like with all plants, keeping an air plant in your space helps reduce stress. The greenery acts as a natural mood booster, which can help stabilize potential anxiety. 
  • Clean Air: this plant is all about air-filtration by removing lingering toxins in your atmosphere, lowering your chances of getting sick and improving breathing.
  • No Mess & Easy To Care For: This dirt-free alternative lets you have a green thumb without the mess. It’s perfect for small spaces with  little upkeep needed. 

Where To Keep Them

As long as they’re getting the proper amount of sunlight, there’s endless freedom when it comes to designing a home for your air plants.  There are tons of cute ways and holders to help display your air plants that fit your style while matching the room you’re placing them in. Take a browse at your favourite local plant shop and they’ll be sure to have some holders to inspire your inner interior designer. 

Air Plant Care 101 

Air plants literally live in the air, so you don’t need to plant or re-plant them. They’re actually really easy for a beginner or pro indoor plant owner to take care of. To make sure your air plants are as healthy as possible follow these 2 simple care steps: 

  • Once per week, remove the plant from its holder and soak in water, stem down, for 15 minutes to 1 hour. You can use a bowl, cup, sink or anything else you can think of 
  • Remove it from the water when it’s done juicing up and let it air dry completely before you put it back in its container. When it’s dry you can give it a bit of a shake to make sure all of the water droplets get out. 

If you ever find your plants leaves turning brown and lifeless you could always spray the air plants with a light water mist.