Green moss.

We all end up feeling better when we go outside or see plants, but did you know part of that is to do with the colours? Green specifically, which naturally gives off good vibes.

The colour green/ vert/ grün helps relax the body and mind. That can come from natural green colours or a green you’ve purposely added in somewhere. It’s also been discovered that seeing something green every day promotes happiness. 

Here are some ways to green up your life:

House Plants: take a stroll through your local plant shop to check out the greener they have and pick yourself up something illuminating. Even the walk-through and seeing all of the plants will be a good green experience.

Accent Wall: a green accent wall is a perfect addition to any space. This could work as painting the wall completely a shade of green you love or add paintings, wall hangings and mirrors to create a cute aesthetically pleasing view (start with a second-hand store first to raid their supply of green-coloured stuff)

Nature Walks: this is something you can never get enough of. The green mixed with the outdoors is the perfect combo to make you feel extraordinary. Soak up the benefits of green and even just sit and think for a while.

There are so many benefits to seeing green daily and tons of ways to see it. What are yours? Let us know on our Instagram @ageoflalpin