Two red cardinals flying in front of a pussy willow plant.

We’ve all seen, felt or heard them in some way. A sign from a loved one who is no longer with us, just checking in to say hello. These signs come from those on the other side who have been watching over us and embracing those moments with us, the good and the bad. When you see it you’ll know. Maybe you’re on a de-stressing walk you’ll look up to see your grandma’s favorite bird flying past you. Or your new pup brings you to your and your first one’s favourite place by chasing a butterfly.

It can be super emotional seeing these and you should embrace every single part of that. When you do, pause for a minute to embrace and enjoy it. Even let out a smile if you’re feeling strong enough, who and whatever is giving you that sign would want you to be happy. If you don’t see them for a while, don’t fret. Just like our Angel Numbers, it just means you’re good on your own for a bit.

Keep your eyes, ears and heart open!