Girl standing on Mars with Full Moon in the background.

It’s Cancer season, officially. So, what does that mean? One word…emotions. And we’re encouraging you to embrace that word. A lot of the time, the word emotion sounds like a bad thing but it isn’t. Emotion is what brings you to your loved ones every day when they need you most, it’s expressing how you feel every day and emotion is feeling for those around you. This season is all about letting yourself feel those emotions. You should cry if you need to. Tell that person exactly how you feel instead of keeping it in. And especially don’t be afraid to think for others. One of the reasons we’ll be feeling so many things this month is because cancers are so empathetic. Every move thought and feeling that’s supposed, Cancer seems to feel even more. This can be a superpower and a curse. So, how do you stop yourself from over-expressing all of the feelings you’re feeling? Take a moment to yourself and breathe. It’s all about taking those deep breaths, relaxing and looking internally. We can’t always be running on empty, so figure out what’s going to fill you up.

The Summer Solstice

We welcomed the Summer Solstice on June 20th-22nd which brought on the first day of summer (June 21st). That also means the longest day of the year and we can expect long summer nights ahead of it. From the sun setting past 9:30 to beautiful pink sky’s, we can expect good vibes and even better