Though online shopping isn’t always the most environmentally friendly option when it comes to purchasing, sometimes the products that our skin needs aren’t always available within walking distance or on our way somewhere. Luckily, by purchasing from Canadian-based retailers, we’re able to eliminate the extra efforts it takes to bring products cross-country or even across the ocean. If you’re on the hunt for a specific product you love, or maybe looking to switch your skincare to somewhere it can be bought in Canada, take a look at this list!

Here are some awesome online Canadian retailers that sell clean beauty products:


the detox market logo

The Detox Market

For those living in the Toronto area, this is a staple, with three in-person locations. If you’re not close by, they have the option of an eco-friendly checkout through their partnership with EcoCart. This team-up lets you offset the cost of emissions that are being caused through your purchase at a low cost of about 1-2% of your total purchase. The Detox Market is also commented on reducing packaging waste while using recyclable and reusable materials to send your package to you.

The Green Jungle Beauty Shop logo

The Green Jungle Beauty Shop

Their Quebec-based warehouse is not only a home for tons of clean-beauty products but also a lot of Canadian-made lines. The Green Jungle Beauty Shop is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and waste by partnering with For each order, they will donate $1 USD to plant a tree with the option to purchase more trees that are planted across the world. Their goal is to support global reforestation through one clean beauty purchase at a time.

With its home base in Guelf, Ontario, this Canadian classic is a home for all things green and sustainable. On you can find everything from green beauty to home goods to baby products, all with eco-consciousness in mind. They have a huge variety of brands and even an option to shop from just Canadian retailers. They also have tons of product categories to suit your environmentally-friendly life, whether it is reduced packaging waste or brands that make a difference with each purchase.

count on us logoCount On Us

Whether you’re searching for botanical beauty or an enriching vitamin c serum, Count On Us has got you covered. The Canadian care team has a focus on all things beauty and wellness related, the best combo. With an amazing amount of selections, from a lot of different brands, this is an awesome option to check out if you’re searching for a place to purchase clean beauty in Canada.