Image by @digital_errors

Moon Cycle: From December 7th – January 4th

Full Moon: December 22nd

Keywords: Anger, Irritability, Frustration, Inner Growth, Honesty, Integrity, Energy, Focus

As much as we may be ready to fly into this final new moon of 2018 with a boisterous spirit (it IS the season, after all) we would do well to proceed with caution as we look towards the finish line of the year. Setting ourselves up for the successful 2019 that we deserve means ending this one with grace, and ensuring we don’t let astral happenings conflict with our intentions.

Proceed With Caution
Everyone knows this time of year can be as stressful as it can be joyous. We are all trying to tie up the loose ends as well as ensure we arrive dressed as our best selves in the new year. That said, this new moon arrives square Mars and Neptune, causing a testing alignment that can influence feelings of anger, despair, fear, and confusion. Further to that, some people may be prone to irritability or an unprecedented desire to gain power in some way.

Be Adventurous

Understanding the cosmos is our number one tool to working with them. Knowing that we may be more prone to feelings of fear and uncertainty can help us prepare with self-awareness if we find ourselves spiralling. Now is a wonderful time to leverage the traits of Sagittarius to our advantage in order to ride the wave of unpredictable feelings and impulsive reactions, working them to our advantage. The heart of a Sagittarius is an adventurous one so treat this next month as an exciting adventure. You will have many personalities and unexpected situations to navigate. But if you focus with intention for an outcome that serves you best, you will complete this adventure with your feet firmly on the ground.

Embrace Joy 

If you notice people around you are spinning their wheels, practice self-awareness and don’t get caught up. Support those in need and help them with their challenges to the best of your ability (while making sure you are not being taken for granted, of course) Face challenges with joy, and allow yourself to dream big, embrace opportunity, and optimism. This has been an amazing year for inner growth. If you have been putting in the work, the majority of the changes and shifts that happened occurred internally. Next year, you will see that translate into the physical realm if you continue to embrace joy at every opportunity, express gratitude and practice self-love and self-care. Take stock of what came into fruition for you this year. Set new intentions during this new moon to emerge from within and claim what is yours in 2019.