Flay lay of a number of coloured crystals

While many of us are drawn to the higher vibrations of rose quartz and turquoise, selenite is a crystal that offers strong healing properties that allow us to activate our crown and third eye chakras for access to a higher plane of connectivity and transcending experiences.

Sounds intense right? That’s because it is. Selenite is not as strong as other crystals in terms of vibrational frequencies but with proper use, selenite can perform incredibly powerful functions. This crystal can help clear energy blockages that prevent us from seeing clearly or hearing messages from our inner being and higher Spirit. It is an incredible stone for getting ourselves into alignment┬áso that we may attract the experiences we want in our lives, as well as connect with our personal ease and awareness.

Selenite calls in positivity and light, clears and activates energy and can purify the chakras. If you are in search of guidance or answers, meditating in the proximity of selenite is a powerful way to connect to your spirit guide. Wearing selenite can help repel toxic or negative energy from external sources and people, and help maintain a sense of optimism and serenity. It’s white light radiates powerful healing properties on an emotional level and can enhance your meditation or yoga practice by supporting a mind-body connection.

Selenite can also be used to clear your other rocks and crystals of stale energy, simply by placing them close by. Further to, using selenite along with other crystals, for example in a grid, is a great way to enhances its benefits of connectivity to higher planes and calling in light.

Below are some beautiful ways to incorporate selenite into your life.