Woman sitting on cloud reading playboy magazine with universe and crescent moon behind her

Today is the only Friday the 13th of 2021, giving us some especially strong energy. In a typical year, we experience three ‘spooky days’ so today marks an extra special one. Though usually seen as an unlucky day, in the spiritual community Friday the 13th, is super uplifting. It’s all about taking charge of your feminine side and letting it shine through. The things that have been deemed unruly for women: sex, taking up space, menstruation, masturbation, speaking out, etc., take charge of it and stand tall while doing so. It’s also an important time to look at our bodies and take care of them from the inside out. Whether it’s a little love down there to make you feel like a goddess or a firey workout to up your badassness, do something to make you feel empowered. Embrace that alpha female this Friday the 13th, 2021.

Mama Moon 

The number 13 is the number of moon phases we have in a year and gives out strong feminine energy. It’s currently peaking in its crescent phase, which helps us to relax and visualize intentions to bring your vibes higher. Take some time today to re-look at intentions you’ve set for Leo season, to set yourself up for a great Virgo season starting August 23rd. Crystals like moonstones are good choices for Friday the 13th because they focus directly on feminine energy and give off a chill vibe to match the crescent moon. The super grounding stone puts on a calming front, making it a superpower for walking with confidence. Keep some on you with moonstone jewelry from Lisa Maxwell or put a cluster where you get ready in the morning.