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New Moon and Solar Eclipse: January 5th

Key Words: Optimism, Business Growth, Creativity, Generosity, Hard-Work, Focus

There is nothing like starting the new year with a new moon AND solar eclipse. Talk about signs of encouragement! This new moon is like others in terms of marking the beginning of a new cycle, however, the solar eclipse will render this new moon remarkably more powerful, as it will darken the sun. The darkening of the sun via eclipse puts us in a state of renewal and rebirth, allowing us to connect with our inner most purpose to set our focus and desired intentions for what we want the new year to be.

It’s Time to Grow and Create¬†

If your intentions this year are business-focused, you’re in luck. This new moon offers an optimistic outlook on your projects as well as lends us the hard-working and focused character traits of Capricorn as we work towards what we truly want. The possibility to make serious advances in your career is highlighted and the alignment of Capricorn ensures that we are able to make the most of the possibilities that will present themselves to us through hard-work, focus and dedication.

Get What You Want

Don’t be stingy with yourself when you set your intentions during this new moon. A Capricorn knows what they want and they go out and get it. It’s time to grab the goat by the horns so to speak and put your dreams and ideas into motion. The only person who can make what you want happen this year is you, and with this new moon and solar eclipse, the universe is in your corner. However, as much as a Capricorn will go after what they want, they are wise and will do it with grace and caution. Take steady but concentrated steps, Mountain Goat, and you will rise far this year.

Keep Your Morals Aligned

As opportunities for success present themselves to us, it is possible that we will find our morals challenged. However this new moon cycle brings with it energies (and a solar eclipse conjunct fixed star Vega) that lend positive omens and signs showing we will find the financial independence, security and business goals we desire as long as our ethics and morals stay strong. As opportunities present themselves to you, remember your heart’s truest intentions and remain true to them. All the money in the world means nothing if you are out of line with your inner self. The stars read strong success at a steady rate, so steer clear of unethical people, business deals and offers and remember that our success will come from a place of deserved happiness.

Happy New Year!