As our new year’s resolutions are often focused around grand goals for wellness, spirituality and physical fitness, we often forget about our daily routines and how small changes can go a long way towards helping us feel better, lighter, nurtured and more conscious.

One of the simplest ways we can enhance our daily wellness is by turning a conscientious eye to our make-up counters and beauty products. Mindful beauty purchases not only benefit our bodies, they are also a great way to nurture our hearts and planet. Further to, when we purchase from companies that are conscientious about their ingredients, we are supporting brands that have oftentimes chosen to put the well-being of their customers ahead of mass profits, by sourcing responsible, quality ingredients that are truly beneficial to our bodies. And as part of our 2019 resolutions, why not absolve to part with our hard earned money responsibly and exchange it for products that serve us not only from a beauty perspective, but from a heart perspective as well?

Here are 5 of our favourite Canadian clean beauty products and companies to try this year:

Boosh Lipstick 

Boosh is a small-batch lipstick company from western Canada that develops bold and fun lipstick shades without the chemicals, food-dyes and petroleum-based fillers. All colours are limited to season so get them while you can!

Image from boosh instagram 

Altilis Beauty 

With a strong focus on sustainability, Cambridge, Ontario-based Altilis Beauty focuses on incorporating environmentally-sound and highly effective natural ingredients such as breadfruit into its soothing and nourishing products.

Image from AltilisBeauty instagram


A sublime combination of self-care products for your skin and and home, Woodlot offers a stunningly simplistic line of soy-based candles, room sprays and skincare inspired by the rituals of previous generations and aligned to a planet-forward lifestyle of the future

Image from Woodlot instagram

Graydon Skincare

Graydon Skincare is developed with superfoods (think chia, avocado, blueberries and more!) and pure plant-based ingredients which the company strives to source from Canadian growers and manufacturers as much as possible, creating products that feel luxurious while being effective and highly nourishing.

Image from Graydon Skincare instagram

Cocoon Apothecary 

Beautifully crafted with quality organic botanicals and high-end green chemicals, Cocoon Apothecary is a plant-based vegan line that is biodegradable and highly effective with top tiered serums that perform amazing on all skin types.

Image from Cocoon Apothecary instagram