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Full Moon: June 17th – 20th

Keywords: bigger picture, expanded view, potency, source, guidance, summer solstice, greater truth, wisdom, intuition, dreams, confidence

The June full moon, otherwise known as the Strawberry Moon, occurring when the wild strawberries become ripe for picking, brings an intensely potent new energy shift, as this full moon is aligned with the Galactic Centre, opening us up both to new opportunities and wider perspectives. The energy portal presented to us at the moment is extremely intense, and with Summer Solstice happening on Friday, all of the energies surrounding us are that much more magnified.

Is The Fire Too Hot? 

You may have been feeling extra emotional and reactive lately, burning with a fire you don’t quite understand or know how to direct. The energies of the divine feminine have been especially potent leading up to this Full Moon in Sagittarius, as it is aligned with the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, an alignment that has been recognized in many ancient cultures as the Womb of the Great Mother, birthing our galaxy into existence.

In short, our connection to our femininity, our emotions, our places of trust and fear, and anger and love have been pushed into overdrive.

With this course of feminine energy running through us, we may have recently become hyper-focused on the small, the immediate, the brunt of each emotion stinging with a start and bringing feelings of finality. If you feel like you have hit some kind of wall in your life, from a personal, professional, emotional or relationship standpoint, the Full Moon in Sagittarius is lending us a revitalized energy and invites us to kick down ANY wall. It is time to look at the bigger picture and embrace small hiccups as mere stepping stones to your more evolved self.

Strawberry’s Don’t Have Egos

Whether it is an opportunity or experience you want to see manifest into existence, or a change you are feeling called to from within, it is important to remember that many times our emotive states are being guided by universal energies. Our reactivities may be a result of frustration with the limits our human bodies put on us. We are constantly battling vices, ego, jealousies, hubris, and ambitions that are a consequential part of the human existence. We see things that we do not believe are fair and we react with anger. We see people who seem to have it all and we feel jealous. Everything may appear to be black and white, but truly we are a myriad of colours and energies that are constantly flowing and changing. Cells within us die and regenerate every single day. You are literally not the person today as you were yesterday.

As your human body ebbs and flows with the science of change, so must we allow our inner beings and our minds the same courtesy.

Your Higher Self is Calling

This is a special full moon, as we are lended the fun and carefree, adventurous characteristics of Sagittarius. If we combine the potent energy the universe is lending with the alignment of the full moon and the Galactic centre with the wanderlust characteristics of Sagittarius, we can actually find ourselves taking bold risks supported by positive energies that will move the dial towards our goals, hopes and dreams.

Before you take any leaps, regroup and get grounded. Take a five for a quick meditation and then just let it go. Jump into summer and make magic happen. The universe is behind you.