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Alex Woods

Letting go of bad habits is a huge obstacle when it comes to personal development. People often consider habits to be bad when they are present in their physical manifestation; drinking too much, eating poorly, smoking, not exercising and so on.

Rarely do we consider the bad habits of the mind, In other words, how repeated negative thoughts can affect our feelings, influence our actions and ultimately develop into real life manifestations i.e. weight gain, exhaustion, lack of energy and focus and an inability to show up to task in our finest form.

A common bad habit of the mind is to focus on what we believe to be lacking in our lives, such as money, career, love, the ideal body etc. However, once we begin consciously working with the universalĀ Law of Attraction, we will find how powerfully our thoughts affect what shows up in our life. Therefore, by constantly focusing on what we believe we are lacking, we are calling in more of the same; more debt, more weight gain, more troubles in love, etc.

Your Thoughts and Feelings Are Stronger Than You Think

The Law of Attraction helps us create our own life experiences through the power of thought and internal vibrational alignment, aka how we are feeling. So if we are wallowing in thoughts of misfortune and letting those thoughts permeate our bodies, we will continue to vibrate on a low level, attracting more of what we don’t want.

One of the easiest ways to counteract the attraction of more negativity is to practice gratitude. Practicing gratitude on a daily basis will work to align you easily with feelings of abundance. Those feelings of abundance will generate thoughts of happiness and alignment, opening yourself to receive more of what you do want into your life

Pretty simple right?

Easy Ways To Practice Gratitude

Start Simple

Depending on where you are in your journey, it can sometimes be very difficult to see what there is in your life to be grateful for. Try writing out 5 thingsĀ  of the simplest things you are grateful for. For example;

  1. I am grateful for the weather today, it was sunny and it made me feel nice
  2. I am grateful for my dog. He is so sweet and his spirit makes me smile and comforts me
  3. I am grateful to have shelter. I am warm and I am safe and I have somewhere to sleep tonight
  4. I am grateful for my morning cup of coffee. I love taking that first sip
  5. I am grateful for my body’s mobility. I have two legs and two arms that work and I can serve myself physically

SO simple! But when you review it, you realize that the above 5 simple things are not available to everyone. Even the weather can hinder people who do not have shelter.

Build On That

Each day, try adding on 5 more things to your list. You will find it becomes easier and easier to establish gratitude as the days go on.

Do A Page A Day

Once you are in the practice of finding gratitude in smaller things, try journaling and letting your mind take lead. Put your pen to paper and don’t think too much about it. Start writing down everything in life you are grateful. Practice this regularly.


After you have established a practice of expressing and acknowledging gratitude, try incorporating meditation into your daily gratitude routine. Even 5 minutes a day will help clear your mind and allow feelings of gratitude to better permeate your being. Acknowledge your feelings and give them time to resonate within you.

Self-Care and Self-Love

As you are the most important person in your life, practicing daily self-care and love will show the universe that you believe you are worthy for the gifts you are calling in. Love yourself and treat yourself with great kindness. Be grateful for your mind, your body and your beautiful soul. Try telling yourself at least once a day what you love about you. Give yourself the proper nourishment, exercise and care you need and deserve.

After gratitude becomes a habit in your life, you will find more reasons to be grateful will come your way with ease. Get ready to welcome them with grace and love.