Get Ready to Roar: August's Powerful Lion Moon Meaning

Moon Cycle: August 11th – September 8th 

New Moon/Super Moon/Solar Eclipse: August 11th 

Keywords: A new you, the next phase, bravery, courage, time to shine, self-appreciation, royalty, strength, energy, family bonds

Phew! It has been one crazy summer full of powerful celestial phenomenons. High planetary retrograde activity, combined with a series of powerful eclipses, a Blood moon, Super moons and more. If you are feeling a tad shook from it all, it’s completely understandable. In fact, this moon cycle will finalize a highly transformative summer for most of us, whether we are aware of it or not. Shifts happened within ourselves and out in our physical realm. For example; did you get a new job or big client? book a trip? have a baby? undergo a friend-group turnover? All transformations, big or small, that occurred this summer will be showing up in different ways through to the end of the year.

While July’s moon cycle called in the introspective feels of Cancer, as we step into August’s new moon on Saturday the 11th, we are invited to channel the powerful energies surrounding the brave and courageous Leo, the Lion. It may almost feel as though we have rested and reflected these past few months, set down the ground work, and really felt our way around our new roles and selves. All the while we were strengthening the foundations of our stages to ensure they are solid and firm for the next great phase in our lives. We are now finally ready to let the world see us for who we are and show what we can do.

The Solar Eclipse

Saturday’s new moon will align with a solar eclipse, a brief moment of darkness were we can finalize our intentions regarding what we want to achieve between now and the end of the year. Make sure to find a quiet and reflective moment during the new moon phase to write these intentions down clearly. Tell the universe EXACTLY what you want. Even if it may seem like too much, set the intention, and write down clearly (i.e. I want to make $5000 more a month). The universe has plenty for everyone. Play close heed to the 8 moon phases this month. Each will be extremely important in guiding you through this Lion cycle with intention and purpose.

You’re Going to Hear Me Roar! But Carefully 

The most important thing to remember for this August moon cycle is to allow the Lion within to come out. While being humble is always important, we are invited to celebrate our unique virtues and strengths this month, putting them to good use in order to get what we truly want. Embrace and channel confidence. Believe in yourself and give yourself the royal treatment. Lions are regal and strong.

But remember, Mercury remains in retrograde until August 17th, so while we are encouraged to speak our truth, do so with caution. Communication can get messy during this time. Further to that, don’t confuse bravery and confidence with pride and boastfulness as it can lead to embarrassment or loss. Practice humility, embrace discussion and evaluate all your options carefully before marching on into judgement or action.

Now go get it, Simba!