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New Moon Cycle: June 3rd – July 1st

New Moon: June 3rd – 5th

Keywords: Communication, Sisterhood (or Brotherhood), Truth, Empowerment, Creativity, Manifesting, Gathering, Starting Something New, Growth, Change, Expression, Emotions

A new moon occurs when both the moon and the sun are in the same sign, resting in the exact same position in the sky. As a result, the moon is dark and invisible, which invites us to retreat back within ourselves, start from scratch and reconnect with our inner beings and souls. A new moon in Gemini is very special, as it lends us the energy of the communicative and airy twins. Geminis crave synergy and thrive on incredible communication. They are stronger in groups, thriving in social situations, which is why the power for manifesting under this new moon is so potent when we gather.

Gather, Chatter and Grow 

Under this new moon, we are encouraged to celebrate, gather, socialize and share. The more effort and energy you put towards something specific during the new moon phase in Gemini, the more possibility we have for making it come true. Our creativity will be sparked and our powers for manifesting will be high, so this is an amazing new moon for vision boarding, journaling, setting intentions and starting new projects.

This is a great time to express yourself with others, while embracing opportunities for mental stimulation and easy conversation. Observe how you respond in communications with others. Are you listening just so you can have your turn to speak? Or are you truly listening and nourishing a connection with another person? Let the sparks of communication connect you with other individuals. Step outside of yourself (you are in your head all day!) and delve into what it means to listen to others and share your own thoughts with care and honour to their value.

It’s Time to Take Responsibility

We are also being called to take responsibility for the life we want to create. In the darkness of the new moon, set aside some time to be alone with yourself and ask yourself what parts of your life are still hanging out in the air, waiting for you to provide them some direction? We are unable to create the life we want until we take responsibility for our actions in creating it. For example, if you are feeling stuck in a career rut, be honest with yourself and see how you are either fuelling that rut or working to find productive ways out of it. What actions are you taking to improve your situation?

This is where practices like vision boarding and journaling can make an amazing difference in our lives. Sometimes putting what we want out into the physical world, on a board or in a journal or in a conversation, is the first step we need to take to make it happen.

Follow Your Intuition and Embrace Something New 

Planetary aspects of this new moon will ignite our intuitions. While this may call us to pull the trigger on our impulses, it is important to be mindful and simply listen to what our inner guidance systems are trying to show us, while reflecting on our emotions and moving forward from alignment. That said, feel free to embrace a new practice or step outside your comfort zone. The manifesting energy around this new moon is strong so the chances of what you put out there creatively, professionally and passionately bringing you a return are strong.

In Short, Gather, Speak and Build
Get together with like minded folk this new moon and plant seeds of passion, desire for change, and communicate. Speak your truth with yourself and with others. Nourish connections with friends and lovers. Embrace the summer, take comfort in your friends, be playful and magic will happen.