While essential oils have become a pretty buzzy topic in the wellness space the past few years, some of us are still a little confounded as to where to get started with them. A great way to dip your toe in the scene if you’re still on the fence about what oils you should buy is to explore their benefits in beauty products.

We’ve rounded up our favourite essential oils that can act as a guideline as you start your journey, along with our picks of Canadian beauty brands that offer up the additional benefits of essential oil blends and diffusions.


Benefits: This fruity oil ups your energy, immune system and positivity, making the mood-boosting benefits of citrus-based scents perfect for your morning routine.

Our Product of Choice: Spritz on some Triple Citrus Blend Hair and Body Mist from Cake Beauty to make your a.m. a breeze.

Image from Cake Beauty website



Benefits: This oil has stood the test of time with its ability to soften your skin when applied topically plus it calms your mind while reducing negative thoughts.

Our Product of Choice:For smooth skin and moments of pure bliss, use Crawford Street Natural Skin Care’s Hand Cream in Frankincense.

Image from Crawford Street Natural Skin Care Instagram 



Benefits: Its properties to de-stress, reduce anxiety and help you sleep work with your body to keep your mind and soul relaxed, creating the perfect oil for your nightly routine.

Our Product of Choice: Sink into its benefits with Cocoon Apothecary’s Touchy Feels Bubble Bath in lavender and rosemary.

Image from Cocoon Apothecary Instagram 



Benefits: This super oil is great for combatting headaches, nausea, sore muscles and even a stuffy nose, keeping the pep in your step.

Our Product of Choice: Lather up with some basd invigorating mint body wash and experience peppermint’s cool and soothing sensation.

Image from basd Instagram



Benefits: Its antibacterial and antifungal properties disinfect while the oil detoxifies and reduces your stress, making this master of many trades ideal for cleaning.

Our Product of Choice: For a fresh and squeaky clean home try Lemon Aide’s All-Surface CleanerKitchen Hand Wash and Dish Liquid.

Image from Lemon Aide Instagram