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New Moon: July 31st – August 3rd

Moon Cycle: July 31st – August 29th (Full Moon August 15th – 18th)

Key Words: ignite, power, play, celebration, settle, next steps, courage, self-knowledge, self-love, relationship breakthroughs

Where the watery feels of Cancer season allowed our deepest intuitive emotions to swim up to the surface, the new moon in Leo offers a welcoming new perspective of our lives, situations and relationships. The emotions and flashes of intuition and deep rooted insight that may have caused you to feel a bit ungrounded or shaky last month are finally starting to get a grip on themselves for lack of a better phrase. Further too, the challenges that we confronted during a pretty intense Mercury Retrograde come to end and we welcome a more stabilized energy into our lives.

Strength and Fire

The courageous energy of Leo steps to the forefront now and is ready to take those emotions from last month and put them into active use. How can we take what we learned about ourselves and others last month and use the data to better the next phases of our journey? And how can we leverage the powerful, brave and strong energy of the lion to help us achieve our goals as well? Reflect upon all the times that you have conscientiously played down your talents and your own personal strengths. What has been causing you to play small when you know you are deserving of big things and great rewards? Investing time in self-love and gratitude during this new moon in Leo will not only help to remind you that you are truly a magnificent person who completely deserves the things that you want, but entering the new moon with a gratitude and abundance mindset will make sure that the powerful fire of the sun will entwine with the dark promises of an unseen moon to set a powerful stage of opportunity to accomplish everything you truly desire.

The Sun Shines on Your Seat of Power

Ultimately, the new moon in Leo sets an optimistic tone, one where really anything can happen if we truly focus our energy time and good will. This is an excellent new moon for those looking to tap into their creative and entrepreneur-like energies, as Leo lends confidence and a burst of energy to all of our tasks. That said, you are more likely to succeed if your goals truly align with your heart’s mission. Those who set intentions based on integrity as opposed to simple financial gains without any true causes associated with them could find the universe conspiring to lend you a bit more of a hand this month. While there is nothing wrong with desiring increased financial abundance, remember to get to the root of why you are calling this in; do you crave stability and peace of mind or do you want a new car? Both are fine intentions to have, but, as always, it is important to be mindful of what we want and why.

Sing and Dance

Finally, the new moon in Leo invites us to celebrate. Last month was a bit more serious and August brings with it the fire, fun, and deep passions of summer. Get out, sweat, sing, celebrate, dance, embrace life with a strong gusto. The joy you call in this moon cycle will reverberate and keep you warm into fall.