Mercury Retrograde Started July 7th, 2019 Ending July 31st, 2019

We’ve all used the Mercury Retrograde excuse; it’s why we’re late, the Internet isn’t working, you broke your toe, etc. When Mercury shifts its direction, it does cause some issues, but honestly, it’s actually not all bad! It’s time to look on the bright side of the Mercury madness and we’re going to tell you why.

What is Mercury in Retrograde?

Four times a year, Mercury goes retrograde which means the planet moves in the opposite direction of the Earth and can create some disorientation down here on Earth. Typically, planets move from east to west around the sun. The phrase “Mercury goes Retrograde” refers to the four times a year when the planet moves from west to east around the sun, giving us on Earth the optical illusion that it is moving backwards.

Think about when you are driving on a highway and pass a car. The other car appears to be moving backwards, but it really is just moving slower than you. That other car is Mercury in this analogy.

What’s All The Hype About?

Mercury is recognized as the planet of communication and logistics. On a modern-day level, this means that we can expect interference in our daily conversations, emails, travels or when we are making plans. It may feel as though we are talking to loved ones and co-workers through a thick static, where messages are getting caught or missed. Technology and travel can be highly effected during this time. Think back to the start of this Mercury Retrograde (July 7th). Did you experience any issues with your travel and technology? Did your TV stop working for no reason? Did you pop a tire?

If you’ve been experiencing computer crashes, mixed messages, tension and uncontrollable emotions, you’re not going crazy and you’re not alone, Mercury is just doing its own thing. But like we said, there’s a positive twist to the mayhem.

3 Reasons Why Mercury Retrograde Actually Rocks:

  1. Self-Observation: During this retrograde, we’re given an opportunity to turn our attention inwards. While the world around us starts to get chaotic and challenging, we are invited to observe our reactions to these challenges. How does the Internet not working affect us internally? Are we screaming inside or are we taking the challenge with grace and patience? How are we reacting to minor inconveniences of the modern world and how can we respond with more mindfulness? Are certain challenges affecting us more than others? Our responses to tense situations can show us where we may need to bring some improvement and attention in our lives to live with more ease.
  2. A Moment to Relax: If the television or phone isn’t working or the street car isn’t coming, take the time to take a breather. Or even a walk! Surrender your dependency on communication devices, noise and modern travel and get moving with two feet and a heart beat. Enjoy the nature around you. It’s beautiful outside this time of year.
  3. Slow Down: Listen, if the Internet isn’t working, it’s not your fault you can’t meet your deadline or move on to the next task as quickly and efficiently as you like. Take a breath and chill out. Don’t fight with the planets. You won’t win. So why not go a little easier on yourself and take the opportunity to slow down and give yourself a break. As humans, we set ourselves up against impossible deliverables on a regular basis, so embrace a slower pace.

While the challenges from the Mercury Retrograde are out of our control, if you take it with a shot of positivity, we guarantee you may actually end up appreciating it!