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New Moon: July 2nd – July 4th

Moon Cycle: July 2nd – July 30th (Full Moon July 16th-19th)

Key Words: release, clearing, courage, emotions, connections, page turning, opportunity, embracing your power, honouring personal boundaries

While last July was ignited with astrological activity that shook up our souls and spirits, setting forth the ripples that would become large waves of change, we are heading into this month with a little more clarity, a bit more control and some understanding on who we are and what we want to be. July’s new moon is aligned with a solar eclipse, rendering the new moon supercharged with possibility. Setting intentions for this new moon will be especially important, if we want to leverage the additional energies that are being lent to us with the spirituality of solar eclipse.

Eclipses can ignite our desires and emotions in unpredictable ways, which contradicts the planting and planning stages of a new moon. So simply be mindful that clear and concise intentions for this moon cycle will be crucial if we want to leverage all of the possibilities that are being presented to us!

Note Your Foundations

The new moon falls in Cancer this month. Cancers are ruled by the moon, so as the moon changes phases quickly, the emotions of Cancers are prone to ups and downs, and deep intensity. Expect to be moved by your emotions over the next few days and take the time to acknowledge what comes up. Cancers maintain strong connections to their foundations, their roots, their homes and their families. Note what is occurring in these particular areas of your life right now. And remember that although planet placement may be bringing certain matters to the surface, it does not always mean that these matters are in a dire state. In fact, you may be finding that your connections to your home and your family are feeling strong and well placed. If so, embrace and honour the feeling of having your feet firmly placed on the ground. Acknowledge the joy of feeling supported. If perhaps these elements are in need of some more building and energy, now is the time to plant the seeds. The new moon in Cancer is an excellent time to build momentum towards stability in your home and family.

Draw The Boundary Line

You may have been feeling as though your personal boundaries have been overstepped lately. You’re not alone. Watching others take advantage of your good nature or simply taking more than their share of your personal energy may have left you with a load of frustration. Or you may be bearing internal anger, irritability and annoyance without even knowing the cause. We often do not recognize the sanctity of our personal boundaries. As humans, we default to over-extending ourselves, giving too much of ourselves, and letting others take more than they should. We also tend to willingly offer up more of ourselves than we are capable of giving, leaving us feeling drained, resentful and completely out of alignment.

As we step into this new moon, you may feel that some of the frustration or resentment you have been holding onto start to melt away. Let it shed off of your shoulders and take a deep breath. Take a moment in your intention setting to acknowledge and honour your boundaries on a multitude of levels; professionally, romantically, sexually, emotionally. You are deserving of space and you are deserving of time and you are deserving of kindness, gratitude and respect.

Set The Stage for the Next Step 

With the eclipse lending strong energies to the new moon, it is the perfect time to put down some grander intentions and to visualize what you want for yourself this summer. Where do you picture yourself in your journey when this powerful summer moon cycle comes to a close at the end of July? What can you do now to support that picture? Invite yourself to step out of your shell and into your personal power this month. Your actions of self-respect and your clarity with what you want will show the Universe you are ready for the next phase. Embrace it!