Full moon, mars and mercury lined up in the night sky with clouds underneath

Scorpio season has started and that means we may be facing some ups and downs. From October 23rd to November 21st, we’re in for chatting, love and self-accountability. We’ve spent a lot of time planning for personal actions to take place and now it’s time to get it done. We all know how we’d want to live each day, so let’s go make it a reality. 

Small Changes Make Mighty Actions

As a true water sign, Scorpios are caring, intuitive and thoughtful, but with an extra twist. Being represented by a scorpion, powerful and sharp, is where the plot twist comes in. They like to do things their own way. They can go through multiple emotions a day and almost like a chameleon, will adjust to their surroundings. They won’t be impressed if things don’t go as they should be based on others not following through or putting effort in. Scorpios aren’t afraid to hold back the truth, so communication is always a big one with them. This becomes especially prominent when telling the truth and Scorpios don’t forgive easily when being lied to. This also has to do with their high levels of passion running through their veins, adding a little fire to their fuel wherever they go. Being represented by two ruling planets,

You’re in Charge 

Take full control of your life this season. Even though you may have some people that you go to for regular advice, which is amazing to have constant support. But at the end of the day, you know what’s truly right for you. leave a little mystery wherever you go like a true Scorpio. Starting each day with a journal could be a perfect way to start your morning intuitively. With that, you can also expect some romance. Whether that be with a partner or just yourself, spend it phone-free and focus on open communication. Whether it’s a Netflix and chill night in or a nice dinner, remember that transformations are bound to happen this season and Scorpio’s energy is behind you with each step. Gaze into your or your lover’s eyes and think about what you truly want to bring to add to the picture. Self-discovery will be a returning theme this month, so keep an eye out for changes coming your way. We should also take some time to look into our finances and see what is it that we truly enjoy spending our money on and what’s random purchasing. The more meaningful purchases we make and less want-based purchasing, the more we’ll appreciate and feel in control of our bank accounts. 

Many Moons

On October 30th, Mars moves into Scorpio which will cause some heat. If any drama does come about, look to your personal intuition to get a clear response on what your actions should be. Don’t let the wind knock you down, dear. We have a New Moon in Scorpio on November 4th followed by Mercury heading in on November 5th. Mercury in Scorpio gives us the tools for going beyond the surface of an issue and opening up, which will be key for those date nights. Finally, a partial lunar eclipse in Taurus and Full Beaver Moon lands on November 19th. With both of these signs having super strong personalities, we can expect a rise in our personal power to give us that extra confidence boost.