Feature Image by Ian Dooley

We’ve all experienced when time stood still and everything around us seems to be exactly what we want and need. These are glimmer moments and something we need to take advantage of more often. We spend so much time hustling to get to the next place and the next task is done that rarely do we stop and smell the roses.

Glimmers are micro-moments of ventral vagal experience. And the ventral vagal is our autonomic nervous system. So when we experience glimmer moments, we allow our body to relax and recharge because in these moments we push aside the negative to purposely see the positive. By choosing to experience these moments of peace and happiness, we can reshape the way we look at our life. Maybe those things you thought were horrible to get done aren’t so bad after all. Taking these times in gives us a fresh perspective that allows us to take a slowed-down look at life. 

Find some glimmer moments in your day today. You’ll be thankful!