For those looking to expand upon their spirituality, source a powerful new healing technique or simply deepen and enhance the results of your meditation practice, Canada’s first ever tachyon chamber has officially opened in Toronto, Tachyon Healing Centre. Previously, if one wanted to experience the powerful benefits of tachyon, one had to visit the first chamber, which was founded in the new age dreamland of Sedona, Arizona.

So what is tachyon, exactly? Tachyon is identified as subatomic natural energy particles that move faster than the speed of light. These particles are fused with spiritual light found in dense matter, lending a balancing and healing energy unlike any other on the planet. The alchemic combination of spiritual energy combined with tachyon technology compounded via a proprietary method comprising the use and variance of different alloys, elements and crystals results in a high vibrational healing system that positively affects all who come in contact with it.

So essentially, if you are someone who benefits from healing vibrational frequencies of crystals, you are exactly the type of person who will be open to experience the benefits of tachyon.

We have visited Tachyon Healing Centre twice now and both times, the experience has been extremely different. It is absolutely impossible to predict how exactly your body and spirit will respond to this high concentration of powerful energy on any given day. Some claim to experience visions, others claim to experience deep meditative rest, while still others may encounter less than pleasant feelings immediately following their session, often referred to a spiritual detox or negative energy or blockages purging from your system.

Famed Shaman Durek is a Big Fan of Tachyon 

The proclaimed benefits of tachyon healing include aiding with stress and fatigue, detoxification, memory and concentration and deeper spiritual awareness and ascension. Sessions are offered in 30, 60 and 90 minute increments starting at $70. It is recommended to do a complete hour long session in order to gain the full benefits.

What’s noticeable about this new Toronto wellness space is that it doesn’t appear to be designed to attract Instagrammers looking to story their latest trendy wellness find. In fact, the actual chamber itself is incredibly functional, with an extremely comfortable chair, surrounded by tachyon devices. You can expect little to no pomp or circumstance at your appointment. The chamber is blatantly designed as a source, a gateway, an energy portal with no distractions or immediate calls to share on social media. You can expect the affects to resonate for up to 2 weeks after your session. It is recommended to journal your experience so that you can look back and review the shifts in your journey.

Tachyon is a powerful tool and can offer serious healing and access to deeper spiritual connectivity. In truth, the power of what can be discovered about oneself through a series of chamber sessions can not be underestimated. The Tachyon Healing Centre also offers Illumination Rods in varying sizes that can be purchased and used at home for your own meditation practice.

With an intention to bring a new healing service to the city, we are thrilled that the Tachyon Healing Centre is now open in Toronto. We recommend booking a session and will be booking more as well.