Image by Sara Johnston

There are so many amazing ways to implement the high vibrations and good frequencies of rocks, minerals and crystals into your daily life, but have you ever tried tumbled stones? These coin sized healers show that good things really do come in small packages.

They originally start off as regular crystals, rocks or minerals, with raw edges and unique shapes. They are then put through a “tumbler” which smoothes out the edges until they’re soft and polished. While the benefits of these stones are the same as unpolished crystals, rocks and minerals (i.e. clearing your mind, rebalancing, strengthening energy, etc.) it truly comes down to personal preference. Some people like the jagged edges of raw crystalline structure while others prefer the soothing, cool sensations of tumbled stones.

How to choose your stones:

Take a deep breath and pick the one you’re most drawn to. This lets you get the one you really need rather than the one you think you need. The universe works in mysterious ways, so trust us when we tell you you’ll get the right one! That’s not to say if you need help in certain areas not to look up which stone is best for you. Check out our Crystals section for info on different types of crystals and how they can best serve you.

How we love to use our tumbled stones:

  • In Pockets: keeping these little guys in your front pockets activates your Sacral Chakra where you can find your creative and pleasure energy and Root Chakra which keeps you grounded
  • Home/ Office: spreading them around your home and office adds a beautiful pop of colour to any room and surrounds the environment with the benefits of each stone
  • Plants: add a little or a lot of tumbled stones on the top of the dirt in your plants to add a unique twist to your pot
  • Body Layout: lay flat on with your stones placed on the areas of your body you need the most healing for a few moments and feel the difference in your every move
  • Meditation: holding one or multiple in your hands during your practice helps clear your mind and let’s you focus
  • Jewelry: Find beautiful statement pieces with perks such as a tumbled stone necklace that you can switch up the crystal whenever you need a new energy change.

Here’s a few places you can order them from: