The bath, it’s one of self-care’s staple items and is sometimes just the escape you need when you want to chill or feel better. Think about your tub right now filled with warm water waiting for you to slip into with your favourite book/ show, drink and candles. Do you feel some ease? There are so many positives to taking a bath. It’s a beautiful practice, which is why we want to tell you all about the loveliness of getting wet.


Benefits of Baths:

Time For You:

If you grew up with siblings, baths seemed to always be a group event and in romantic comedies, there always seems to be room for two people. But they’re actually the perfect opportunity to do you. Laying there by yourself gives you a relaxing spot to think or maybe not think at all, while you soak in good vibes. Plus seeing your body glow as the water shimmers on your skin will always bring out your inner goddess.

Helps With Colds and Aches:

Warm baths take a much-needed gentile approach to healing when it comes to feeling under the weather. When we sink into a warm bath, we get the steam from the water right under our nose that fills up the room and helps us decongest. It also helps removes the aches and pains that can come from having a cold by removing the pressure on our body.

Better Sleeps:

Putting your mind and body into a relaxing state before bed is essential for a good night’s sleep. So, taking a bath is a great self-care ritual add-in. The warm water soothes you while the ambiance of the room let’s you unwind because you’re laying there cozy. Doing things like playing calming music, setting the lights low and not looking at your phone while in the bath can help get you in a sleepy state of mind.


Mindful Bathing

Every day we should strive to make the world a better place by taking care of our planet. So, we just need to make sure we’re always mindful when we’re taking a bath to ensure we’re appreciative of the water element that Mother Nature gave us for healing.


Make it Your Own: Items You Can Add to Your Bath

Essential Oils: adding a few drops of your favourite blends into your tub is a super easy and enjoyable way to reap in the benefits of essential oils. The water acts as a dilution so your body can relax as you waft in your favourite oil aroma.

Fresh Citrus & Flowers: this takes the beauty of baths to a whole new level by garnishing it with freshly cut citrus fruit or your favourite flowers. Plus you’ll be soaking in the benefits of the ingredients picked straight from nature.

Balt Salts: ease your body aches from the natural healing properties of a mineral-filled salt bath soak. Sprinkling some into your tub will have you getting up feeling flowy and loose.

Bath Bombs: in the need of some colour? Watch the bath bomb disappear while it releases ingredients to heal your skin and colours to brighten your mood. There are so many amazing scent options out there for you to pick one that best matches your mood.

Bubble Bath: if you’re ever in need of some fun just add some bubbles into your bath and watch the smile come to your face. What’s amazing is there are bubbles with benefits that use ingredients to help with anxiety, and release muscle tension and the list continues.


Post-Bath Body Care

Make sure you keep the TLC going once you’ve dried off with a moisturizing session. It’s important to lotion or oil up as soon as you can when you get out of the bath to ensure the most hydration possible. Most importantly putting on your cream is another chance to be your inner goddess from feeling your every inch of skin.   


Here are a few products we love for a bath night: