Pink full moon in light pink and purple night sky with birds flying across the stars.

Full Moon: June 24th – The Strawberry Moon 

Keywords: emotions, conversations, vulnerability, growth

Hey Summer 

On June 21st, we welcomed the summer solstice, which marks the first day of summer and the beginning of Cancer season. The solstice also marks the halfway point of the year, where we acknowledge, celebrate and reflect on the last six months and what is to come for the remainder of the year. This time is all about self-reflection, so journaling can come in handy; to review what has happened and plan for the times ahead. You can find out more about this transitioning season that lasts until July 22nd, in one of our previous articles on the importance of rituals

Let’s Get Wet

Other than warm weather, longer nights and the sun-shining (while wearing SPF), we have got a lot of growing and feeling to do. First things first, there will be some heavy, maybe even teary moments because we are in Cancer after all. They run by emotions which causes them to be known as the most sensitive sign, but they are also very nurturing, which lets them care so much about those around them. We may find ourselves feeling all types of emotions during this season, it’s only right considering Cancer is a water sign, but being vulnerable gives us the best opportunities to grow. Cancer is ruled by the moon, which is all about intuition, wisdom and knowledge, which may make you feel wise beyond your years. They are represented by the crab, which symbolizes how the sign is shy and then will open up out of their shell once they get comfortable. 

For The Ones We Love

We’ve all been on quite a ride with the pandemic and this Cancer season is about moving forward with your past to create a more meaningful future. Now is the perfect time to show compassion for those around you since this sign fuels our empathetic side, allowing us to feel almost exactly what those around us do. This protective sign gives us the chance to open up to our loved ones about those hard conversations on what is causing us to feel held back. It’s a great time to make some communication progress for emotionally packed chats, while both parties are feeling more open to being vulnerable over the next month or so. Remember those conversations with yourself too, because the better you are doing the more you can cope with the information you are taking in from other’s emotions.

Home is Where the Peace is 

With things opening back up, we definitely will be enjoying being out but it’s a great time to reconnect with our home. Now that we can travel more, it will be a needed reminder of how our homes help us recharge. With being home so much, some of us may be feeling drained, by remembering that it should be a place of peace for us is super important and key in Cancer. This is the perfect time to do some self-reflection on how we can use the strategies we’ve built up over the past year to help us manage our emotional side for the future months to come. If you’re looking to rejuvinate up the spaces in your home, check out our past article on Feng Shui, to amp up the vibes in your house with plants. 

The Strawberry Moon:

This full moon, which was on June 24th, was the first full of the summer season and the last of spring. The name, Strawberry Moon, comes from Indigenous Peoples, who used it as a sign to harvest strawberries, which became ripe at this time. Also, because of the way that the moon resembles the fruit with its pink colour. Though not considered a super moon, it appeared full in the sky in the late afternoon, while the sun was still out, as if it wasn’t unique enough. 

What’s New? 

Mercury Retrograde (May 29 to June 22) – this will help bring some balance back into our lives. It will take away some of that added internal and external back and forth we can’t seem to shake to help us feel more aligned. 

Jupiter Retrograde (June 20 to Oct. 18) – reflect on the goals you set out for yourself over the last six months and be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Use this confidence to humbly grow and continue to evolve these goals for the rest of the year. 

Neptune Retrograde (June 25 to Dec. 1) – with this arrangement we’ll start to see things a little bit more clearly. We’ll be opening up our minds to see things without the fantasy lens, which may help us reach our realistic goals sooner.