Lately, there seems to be a lot of buzz around hyaluronic acid, and for good reason! We agree, the word acid can sound a bit scary at first but it’s actually super gentile, so what can HA really do for us? There’s tons of benefits that come from using it, with the main focus of having your skin feel and look beyond hydrated. It’s an amazing natural way to keep your skin healthy and once you try it, you may get hooked. 


What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

HA is a naturally produced sugar our bodies make to help keep our skin moisturized and glowing. It’s used to increase the amount of hydration in our skin while providing a protective layer against dryness and environmental impacts. In our bodies it’s found in our joints and kin but can be supplemented with things like serums, creams, sprays and capsules, depending on what you like and your lifestyle, there’s alternatives for everyone. It’s an amazing way to help your skin feel it’s best, naturally, without being invasive.


Benefits Of Hydraulic Acid:

  • Holds Water: it works with your skin to retain water to seal in moisture, leaving you feeling plump all day long. Keeping your skin hydrated is so important because when it is, it takes away that tight feeling from dryness that can lead to things like redness, blemishes and lines. 
  • Suitable For All Skin Types: because it’s already so familiar to our bodies, it’s suitable for all skin types to use and soak in the benefits. Though it may not seem like it, all skin types need to moisturize whether you have oily, combination or dry skin to make sure that your body isn’t searching for the hydration it’s missing.
  • Light Feel: this has a really smooth feeling that gets your skin the moisture it needs without leaving it greasy. Your skin becomes soft to the touch after use, so you can be confident that your products are working with and not against you, leaving you with skin that looks and feels super soft.
  • Multi-Area Use: HA is great not only for your face but under your eyes, neck and the rest of your skin as well, that we sometimes forget about when doing our routines. It becomes a super easy for the busy bees to tackle all of the areas of the skin at once to achieve the most moisture possible.
  • Healing Properties: it helps to heal and repair skin that has been irritations from things like inflammation and sun exposure by helping regenerate the tissues that were lost in that area. Plus, it can also help support your joints to help relive pain, letting you move easier.


Here’s A Few Great Canadian Products With Hyaluronic Acid Inside: