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As you may have heard, wet n wild is being put on blast with the accusation that they are not, in fact, a cruelty-free beauty brand. Images surfaced on social media of their products being sold in Shanghai, China and were released to Cruelty Free Kitty , a popular advocate and educator of cruelty-free beauty products. Details of the matter were also uncovered on May 20th by another cruelty-free beauty expert, YouTuber and Blogger Logical Harmony, a.k.a. Tashina Combs.


Image Source: Cruelty Free Kitty


The Summary

The real scandal began during the morning of Tuesday, May 21st when wet n wild claimed they don’t sell their products in China in a response to an inquiry put forth by Cruelty Free Kitty. Later that day, they released the below statement reporting that they actually do sell their products in China through a pilot program in 30 Watsons stores.


The Issue

By selling their products in China, brands are required to follow China’s laws for mandatory pre-market and post-market animal testing. Thankfully wet n wild hasn’t done pre-market animal testing because the law was changed in 2014 and they started selling their products in China in 2018. The change allows brands to bi-pass animal testing if they follow specific guidelines such as making products domestically in China and using certain ingredients, which wet n wild has been doing.


However, there’s no way around the post-market animal testing law. This law dictates that the government can test products on animals after being released to stores, without having to notify the brands. Sadly, wet n wild was aware of this law as all brands are required to sign a statement agreeing to the post-market animal testing law before selling in China. On top of that, the cost of the tests are included with what brands pay the government to sell there.


This means that yes, wet n wild has been aware that their products in China could be tested on animals, while still stating that they’re cruelty-free and not selling in that country.


What About The Fans? 

Wet n wild is taking blows with this issue and it has caused quite a bit of confusion and disappointment for those who were loyal to the brand specifically for their cruelty-free claim. A quick scan on the comment section of  the wet n wild Instagram accounts shows that fans are feeling lied to and extremely misled. Wet n wild also been removed from the Logical Harmony Cruelty-Free Brand List and we’re certain they will be removed from more lists to come. For updates and more information check out @logicalharmony‘s Instagram.