Flow into peace, spiritual growth and restful sleeps with the powerful and delicate Celestite. This light blue baby helps heal and uplift you with properties in and beyond the physical world, making it an ideal crystal for your spiritual journey.

Celestite is well known for being a soothing crystal that helps destress your mind while easing body tension and alleviating stress and anxiety. It’s also perfect to help get over fears while attaining an overall mind/body calm.

Naturally, being emotionally stressed or drained can cause restless sleeps. The soothing vibrations of Celestite fill you up with peace and calm vibes that can bring you to a calm sleep leading to a refreshed morning. Celestite has been recommended for people of all ages, even the little ones, to help promote soothing rest. Keep it by your bedside for sweet slumber.

Celestite in its’ original Latin language means “heavenly” and it has been suggested that this special crystal heal beyond our world. This is because it helps us connect with our guardian angels, to remind us that we always have someone with us and we’re not alone. If you’re interested in learning more about connecting with your guardian angel, check out our post on Angel Numbers.

Below are some lovely ways to bring Celestite into your day to day life.