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New Moon: October 27

Moon Cycle: October 27-November 25

Keywords: Change, erratic behaviour, impulsiveness, edginess, restlessness, impatience, unexpected movements

Ok Whoa, What’s Going On?

This new moon falls in Scorpio, the ruler of the 8th house in astrology, governing matters around sex, real estate, money (yours and others), investments, secrets and scandals, death and so forth. In addition to that, this new moon falls opposite Uranus signalling a need to prep ourselves for spontaneous change and the potential of chaos. This alignment lends an earthly energy of anxiety and impulsiveness. You may view others acting abruptly or irrationally. Behaviours and situations may, in fact, get carried away.

It’s That Elbows Out Kinda VibeĀ 

There’s quotas to meet, deals to be made and people are getting testy. Almost everyone is out to hit their targets and goals this new moon and most don’t care who they have to step on to get ahead. Expect rude exchanges on the subway, seemingly irrational bosses or clients and situations that don’t really make much sense. People will have a tendency to act abruptly and on impulse. Relationships, both personal and professional could feel the strain.

Anything Good, Though?

Always. We can take this time of sudden change and transformation to observe situations from a place of awareness. Simply by reading this, you are one step ahead to ensuring that situations don’t get out of hand. Understand that this could be a challenging period with work, money, relationships (and sex) or even internally and personally. Whatever happens over the course of this new moon, you will likely be shifted and forced to adapt and transform into a new shape or understanding of a role you are currently playing. This forced transformation will give us a new perspective on our current worlds, places and lives.

Expect the Unexpected and Embrace It

No amount of wishing and fighting will stop change if it’s already propelling towards you. So embrace it and take it as an opportunity to uproot and flow with the new opportunities and positioning that is being presented to you. Take time to assess your advantages in all different scenarios. If change is coming, then you may as well get comfortable with it, so do it on your own terms.

All in all, hang in there, hold your ground, ride the waves, feel your feelings and know that it is all truly a game we came down on Earth to play. You are more than ok.